Fashion Tips 2014

Fashion has gradually and slowly became a part of life in today’s world. No matter it’s men or women both needs to adjust their selves in a society where fashion has turned out to be an important part of life. Without fashion one feel’s he or she a bit low when it comes to comparison with others. Nowadays it has become so important to follow the latest trends of the seasons and prepare yourself for that particular season’s in different ways from hairstyles to the latest dress trends. In order to make the right choice for yourself you would probably need an experienced and professional kind of advice before going and applying any of the fashion trends no matter it’s a hairstyle, dress or even a shoe that you wear.


Let me give you some advice regarding the latest fashions trends and my tips would mostly suit the females of any age. Well no matter what’s your age and if you’re really confused in fashion industry and newest trends I have several advices for all of you.


Let me start with a fact that every woman no matter she’s Asian, European or belongs to any other continent or country. Every single woman wants to look stylish and attractive. Besides every woman wants to follow the modern fashion rules. Hence, such versatility of style will definitely confuse you in many ways, so before going deep in the world of fashion you better take some advice and learn how and what type of clothes should be a part of your choice.


The first and very important advice for those girls who look attractive doesn’t really means you start wearing the trendiest clothes which neither suits your personality nor the color of your face and the haircut you’re having is totally opposite. To give an awesome look you need to be more conscious about how to choose a cloth, which gives a good, look in combination of your hairstyle and skin color. What you need to do is to first make sure if you have a white and fairy color then you must choose a dark type of color, which will help you give an arrogant look. Similarly if you have a dark colored skin then you would need to go for some bright color of dresses that would suit you more.


Second thing is most girls go for hairstyles without judging themselves in terms of their eye colors, face shapes and their body structure. For instance if you’re having an oval face shape then the best idea for looking cool is to have a cute short haircut 2014 you may follow any of the short bob’s haircuts which is the best one. Make sure if you are applying any color on your hairs that shouldn’t be opposite to the color of your face skin. Most girls make a mistake by applying brown and yellowish colors with black face skin, which really spoils the broth, and neither you properly follow the trend nor you get the maximum out of it.


Same case is with the man, the tips I just gave to girls for giving a unique and an arrogant look applies on you as well. What I would like to add for man is the trousers and shirt you might be choosing. Some men don’t really look good in casual dresses and long hairs hence you should apply the trends according to your structure and obviously your color.

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