Glass Box Homes

For those who want to live life in a manner that is unique and appealing; the Glass Box Homes will certainly be of some interest to them on the basis of an architectural concept that is rarely seen. Though not a very popular trend when it comes to making houses; yet it is one of the thrilling lavish home styles which in it’s plain glass and box styled outlook may not be impressive; yet it can be given a superb interior with an ocean of the amazing interior decorating furniture and garland. The Glass Box Homes basically feature a two level house with a tough and durable metal framed house structure with large stone walls and a gated entrance. The interior of the house features open stairs, outdoor styled living area which is hollowed out in the center and gives great visual transparency to the different areas of the house.


The authentic box part of the home are the two floors and that are very colorful and have blue kitchen cabinets and green and purple accent walls to add a tinge of creativity to then plain Glass Box Homes. The center areas are open and surrounded by deep blue panels. The wood and stone materials give grace it up with a natural look. Apart from all these added looks, it is basically your own effort to make partitioning and its interior outlook as lavish and as stylish as you may want. Making use of colored window-blinds window blinds, fancy furniture etc will definitely boost the look of these Glass Box Homes. Outdoor setup designs that feature stone furniture and barbeque lounges tend to be a great way to make this apparently open house style an exotic area of residence. Many people who have opted for this style of house tend to exert not such effort to adorn the outside and just resort to highlighting the frame line of the house structure with a dominant color. The effort is basically required in the internal set up of the house.


Glass Box Homes can also be called as the ‘sun houses’ because they are apparently open to the atmospheric conditions which offer the experience of living in the open. It’s a great away to leisure in the sun without having to rush to the beach. The Glass Box Homes are ideal for people in hot, far off and hilly areas; whereby such type of architectural designs tend to be in accordance with not only the needs but also the requirements of people. The elite have made use of these unique designs with some going extremely lavish by having the structure frames made out in precious metals such as bronze and silver. The Glass Box Homes are a choice for those who want leisure, grace and appeal all in a single bundle of unique housing concept.

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