Latest Exterior House Wall Ideas

No matter how grand the interior design of your house may be; if it doesn’t have an equally updated exterior then there’s a clash of looks and appeal. Focusing on the exterior design and setup of your house is essential to make it pleasing and satisfying for not only you but also inspiring for others. There are many new contemporary ways to have the exterior house walls ideas that add striking looks to your residence. Earlier trends of exterior house wall ideas had great inclination towards the use of paint. However; paint tends to chip off in bad weather despite claims of being weather shield; therefore the contemporary exterior house walls have many new trends of some more durable styles that are in majority cases a one-time spending. So if you want to make your lifestyle reflective through your residence then go beyond the simple paint styled exterior house looks.

• Natural stone wall exterior is one of the very trendy concepts amongst the latest exterior designs which offers native civilization look that flaunts durability and absolute grace of concept. The numerous shades of stones can make your house have that tinge of the latest looks in town.


• Brick styled exterior house walls are also a good way to have a rich and fortress look which tends to offer a good backdrop with front and back gardens and lawns. The red colored bricks are the most common shades used; however; since it’s all about creativity, trying out other shades will not hold back the grace of the style appeal and you can go for just about any color that suits your preference.


• For those who live in peaceful and sunny areas; the trend of wooden tiles is one of the most graceful ways to have a fresh and bright look of the house in numerous shades such as white, red, gray and many more. It offers a cottage and hut styled look to the house and is definitely impressive; which with contrasting shades can breathe life into the outlook.


• Home paint ideas of the contemporary trends have a strong inclination towards vibrant colors to make their house features shine out from the rest. This is no exception for exterior paint concepts. Many people have made use of fabulous shades of orange, parrot green and many more to mark a distinctive look of their house. Many tend to be of a single shade while other more artistic touches have great concepts of color combinations.


• Tiles of some of the richest innate colors are another very smart way to have your house carry looks of the modern touches. The bulging out, plain, shimmering, rough and patterned tiles are some of the very in vogue tile styles.

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