New Home Painting Ideas

Get inspiring interior and exterior Home painting ideas to give a striking appeal to the overall look of your house with a colorful dose of paint. Nowadays changing the look of your house within an economical and effortless way is no more a hassle as new ideas of fusion of colors and interior concepts of painting have given even the simple and dull looking residential areas a fiercely cool look. Home painting ideas are not merely confined to just the walls; in fact you can give a touch of paint to almost anything for the most sensational and modern look.

Home painting ideas are mostly taken to be just pertaining to the walls but that is just where you can make the difference to your lifestyle. The latest concepts tend o target the various features and items of the house which can project classy looks.


• For the walls the trend of a simple shade is no more the talk of the town. In fact some of the latest and luxury houses have opted to go for different colors for every room with the trend of having a single wall side stand unique for main emphasis and decorative prominence. Dark shades such as red, Green and blue tend to be some of the most widely used colors.


• For an impressive look; paint the frame lines of doors in fascinating and contrasting shades for a good impact of color application.


• New home painting ideas also have a classy concept of painting the ceilings in a contrasting shade to the walls which can be a simple color or bear artistically splashed colors of paint.


• Painted Wall decor is another great way to charm up the appeal of your house through creativity with an artistic approach. You can use paint to designs many patterns and images on the walls and give good looks in the hallway for being noticed on instant entry.


• Adding a bit of shimmer in paint and applying it on the most prominent part of the living room can enhance the look of the most important social room and give good sparkling light effects during the dark hours which will certainly be a factor of attention by all.


• Decorative painting boards in unique styles are some of the very lively and fancy styles of home painting ideas that render a well furnished and accessorized look to the walls of the rooms.


• Paint every type of bedroom in line with the age-oriented colors such as the kids light and blooming shades for the kids rooms, dark and rich shades for the adult room and bright and trendy shades for the teens room. This gives every room it’s all prominence and grace.

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