Celebrity Short Hairstyles 2014

Celebrities are the one who are followed the most by their fans. Whatever they wear or do, they are copied by their followers. Celebrity Short hair styles are expected to be the most trendy and famous hairstyles in 2014.


Celebrity short hairstyles 2014 are expected to be more popular and trendy. Different sources have highlighted the prominent celebrity hairstyles 2014. Platinum blonde pixie crop with soft side-swept bangs of Anne Hathaway are more trendy and popular. For having this hairstyle one needs to be brave enough as one have to remove most of their hair. One can also use drastic hair colors to enhance their personality and look. Emma Watson short hairstyle is other celebrity hairstyles 2014 to follow. This hairstyle or more specifically Emma Watson’s faux bob is achieved through popping long hair underneath itself so it appears shorter. It gives a mature and stunning look to a person


One of the popular expected celebrity hairstyles 2014 is of British singer Rita Ora’s blunt bob with long side swept fringe. This hairstyle frames her face beautifully. Blunt bob is a simple and classic hairstyle and can be pinched to suit any face shape. The famous Rihanna’s hairstyle is expected to be one of the most trend and famous celebrity short hairstyles 2014. Her short hairstyle that is the close-cropped with the short soft waves makes her face prominent and enhances her persona more. This hairstyle is effortless and feminine and this hairstyle is ideal for the summer season.


Katy perry electric blue angular bob hairstyle gives her an astonishing and dazzling look. This celebrity short hairstyle 2014 works better for round faces as it creates the illusion of an oval shaped face. Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical bouncy and tousled bob is one of the popular celebrity short hairstyles 2014 for thick hair. This style also goes well for naturally curly or wavy hair


Celebrity short hairstyles 2014 also include Carey Mulligan, the great Gatsby star soft and wispy blonde layered hairstyle. This hairstyle not only gives a feminine look but also enhances your persona by giving you a romantic touch. This hairstyle is for thin hair. To look more creative and chic Kelly Osbourne jet black mini Mohawk is one of the stylish celebrity short hairstyles 2014. The lustrous waves at the top of her head affix fondle of glamour to her personality. This hairstyle is very handy and can be used for different occasion.


One of the sexy celebrity short hairstyles 2014 is of Keira Knightley’s long pixie with messy, shaggy bangs. This hairstyle looks great with a perfect makeup and draws attention to the facial facets. This short celebrity hairstyle 2014 is effortless and can be easily handled. Miley Cyrus funky platinum blonde Mohawk celebrity short hairstyles need one to be brave enough to wear this style. This hairstyle draws more attention to one’s facial features.


There are other hundreds of other celebrity short hairstyles 2014 which could be followed by looking at one’s personality and facial features. One needs to be daring and bold enough to follow these celebrity hairstyles 2014.

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