Cute Haircuts 2014

The start of the coming year is the best time to make some mix-ups with your haircuts by choosing one from the hundreds of new cute haircuts. For the coming year you’ll find more varieties for your hairs and all you need to do is to apply one of those styles which suits you the best. Let me tell you no matter you are going to maintain your short hairstyle or you want to cut your hair short for the first time, you’re going to look the best in any of the short hairstyles that you’ll choose. Women can choose from any of the cute pixie cuts, daring close-cropped hairdos, short romantic and edgy bobs which is the best for the upcoming years best hairstyles. Besides you can apply any of the colors on every style that you choose.


Anne Hathaway short hairstyles got very famous which includes the platinum blonde pixie crop in which the soft side- swept bangs were considered to be the most awesome style for the year. This style has really rocked a platinum blonde pixie cut. She not only looked gorgeous in this style but she equally looked blonde. And if anyone of you like this haircut, I must say you just go for this style but make sure to have the haircut from the dresser you truly trust the most.


Then there is another short hairstyle, which was adopted by one of the most famous celebrity Emma Watson and that looks perfect on every woman who has got a black and shiny hair. Emma Watson has grown up now the days of harry potter and her rough head of wiry waves. Her hairs have become shorter now and she’s giving a new and the most arrogant look for the upcoming season. The new hairstyle that she had is the one polished bob.


You can also apply another cute short hairstyle for the year 2014, which is said to be a stunning one and was recently applied by Rihanna. In which the close-cropped hair with the short soft waves makes it absolutely superb and looks dashing. Hair chameleon Rihana as usual gave a stunning look while applying this fabulous style and what really made her attractive was the color that she used in the closed cropped style. This short hairstyle will open up your face and will allow you to give the most stunning and natural shine altogether. These styles can double your beauty when you will apply it in the summer.


So these are the most beautiful and most attractive styles, which you can apply by consulting a specialist, or if you have a personal hairdresser who has a good knowledge of the current styles can help you look more beautiful. But the only thing, which you must notice before applying any of these styles, is that the color and the length must be according to your face color and shape. A slight carelessness would result in an opposing way hence, you should remember these precautions before going for any of the cute haircuts 2014.

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