Hairstyles for Spring 2014

When it comes to women’s hairstyle spring season style offers you the best ever styles. Long Hand style is one of the most popular styles that is capturing the market of fashion for the spring 2014 of upcoming season. Let me tell you how to apply this style. But before I proceed it further let me tell you this style can only be applied on short hairs, if you have short hairs then all you need to do is to trim it to create thickness, and the area which is floating roof needs to be covered forehead formula and this style is useful on only those faces which have the oblong faces. And the best thing about this style is that the thick roof will help you cover the forehead less, length will be reduced. In addition hugging designs hair thinning combined with rising drying will help the face become a bi rounder which will help you look more appeal. And for those women who own curly hairs can apply the chic curly perm wave styles, which will let you regain much reasonable rate for your face.


Those women who have got a square face can probably face some challenge while applying styles and the reason behind is the masculine of the edges. This makes it so difficult for the short hairstyles 2014 to hide it. But for every problem there is a solution as well and for those women who might be facing this problem can easily go for the layered hairstyles which is the best option and you will also enhance your beauty by selecting a suitable trend rather then being just trendy. Most hair stylists recommend the women especially not to be so trendy rather you should choose a trend that suits you the best. Trends always come make you look prettier not to spoil the broth by making you ugly so girls must keep it in mind that being trendy is not the best option.


“Stackable Bob” another very famous style is mostly found in celebrities from the Hollywood, even mostly singers and player love this style. This is a great, modern twist in bob’s typical style. When you stack your hairs in the backside of your cut, it creates layer and some extra body in your head’s crown. And this look also gives you a very nice and awesome look. Adds a heavy side fringe in the front side and also some layers to frame the face. You look perfect in this style. Besides if you want to look a bit different you can also add some colors to your hairs after applying this style but make sure that if your face color is fair enough than you must apply some dark type of color to your hairs similarly if your face color is darker then you must go for a bright type of color which will help you look gorgeous.

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