Male Hairstyles 2014

Previously, men unlike women did not pay much attention to fashion but with the passage of time and especially in the last few decades the importance of fashion has increased. No one can ignore the importance of trendy styles in this modern era. Likewise, men did not gave that much importance and attention to hairstyles but now with the hundreds of haircuts and hairstyles created by hair experts, men are also interested to have these trendy and chic hairstyles as these hairstyles enhances ones personality along with giving them a modish look.


Male hairstyles 2014 are expected to be more heroic and audacious than the previous hairstyles. Hair experts and hair designers have created so much new hairstyles. These male hairstyles 2014 enhance ones personality by getting rid of the boring hairstyles. Male hairstyles 2014 are of great varieties, it depends on a person which one he want to have to look trendy and also have that hairstyle which boost his personality along with giving him a trendy look.


As suggested by the “Hair fashion”, male hairstyle 2014 offers to have a bit longer hair. This will help them to have a copious hair styling skills. The simple buzz cut hairstyle is no longer trendy. Whether a man has sleek hair or tousled hair, he can have various hairstyles by having a little longer crown. A man having tousled can use texturizer and give desired shape to his hair by using his fingers and the one having slicked hairstyle can use stronghold gel and style hair while it is damp. Edgy cut is expected to be another most popular among the male hairstyles 2014. It will give men an attractive and debonair look.


Male hairstyles 2014 have also incorporated the hair trends of 50’ and 60’s. And the chic and modish hairstyle trend is the Elvis-like hairstyles according to sources. For those having natural curly and wavy hair, there are lucky as most of the male hairstyles 2014 are about natural curls. One of the trendy and chic male hairstyles 2014 is the rhino horn hairstyle. This hairstyle is just right for visiting club or going to party. Along with this rhino horn hairstyle is also trendy for daily sporting.


The layered messy male hairstyles 2014 is expected to stand out. It is one of the famous male hairstyles. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain and one can wear this hairstyle on any occasion. Layered messy hairstyle looks manly and untidy but it gives a very cool look to a person.


The trendy male hairstyles 2014 according to sources are the short crops. These hairstyles are easy to sport and style. These short hairstyles can be easily styles by using small amount of hair gel. One of the coolest male hairstyles 2014 is the spiky hairstyle. There are different spiky hairstyles for different events and one should style it according to that specific event in order to have a graceful and trendy appearance.

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