Short Hair Trends 2014

You will be definitely thinking to start your new year in a perfect look and idealistic look and want to make 2014 fabulous by having a great look and new hairstyle that suits your personality. The short hair trends 2014 whether you are updating your short hair style or cutting your hair short for the first time, get sure to find an adore look in the top short hair trends 2014. You can easily choose from cute pixie cuts, daring close cropped hairdos, edgy bobs, and short romantic curls to reinvent yourself and in all styles and many gorgeous colors, you are guaranteed to find the perfect hairstyle to start 2014 off with a bang.

Actress Emma Watson is all grown up and stunning with her polished bob. Her short faux bob is achieved by tucking long hair underneath itself so it appears shorter and clever. The short faux bob is going to be famous as this hairstyle is easily manageable with a supply of smoothing anti frizz serum. In the short hair trends 2014 the angular bob will much more in as it is popular with Katy pillar style. She really looks amazing and cute with this blue angular bob which suits her personality in a classic look. Along with the angular bob there are many more collection of the bob hairstyle which includes the wispy romantic bob, sleek faux bob, the voluminous tousled bob, the Angular asymmetrical bob, the Messy textured bob and much more. Hundreds of new short hair styles will introduce by the hair designers. The hair designers will also give collection of other short hairstyles that will definitely create a strong contrast on your personality. In the short hairstyles 2014 the actresses will be more focused by the audience and fans as they are the center of the hair fashion trends and they will be focused more. So the hair designers also introduce their new hairstyles with the famous actresses in shows, occasions and events. The short fashion of 60s and 70s will also be back in action and will rock in the coming season of 2014. These hairstyles are perfect for date and occasions and it looks extra glamorous.


The daring shaved head is more common in men but the short hair trends 2014 is going to be the season in which the women will also go with this style and will not be up to a great extent but the average is going to be increased in the coming summer season. As before the British pop star Jessie j shaved her head for a charity fundraising program but her brave act became a new hairstyle and surprising stylish. This short hair style is fresh and allows your hair freedom of movement, making it seem healthier and more alive. The hair trends 2014 are definitely going to be bolder, sexy and daring.

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