Short Hairstyles for the summer 2014

Summer 2014 is going to be very trendy for the short hairstyles. There are a variety of hairstyles which will look fashionable and gorgeous in the summer of 2014. Different hairstyle suits women with different face structure and skin tones.


Summers are hot and the hairstyle needs to be cool. When the temperature goes up in summers, it gets difficult to leave your hair on your face and neck. Natural hairstyles without using much of the hair products gives your hair a perfect look for the summer. They short hairstyles are going to be the trend for the summer 2014. There are many ways to style the short hairstyles in the summer. The short hair with different curls at the end looks perfect for the summer. The short hairstyles give volume to the hair and those who naturally have thin hair can go for the short hairstyles to look fashionable. This hairstyle looks good on the oval and heart shaped faces. The spiky hair also looks beautiful with the long straight bangs and it suits the pear and oval face shapes. Those who have thick short hair can cut their hair a little longer on the top. The curly bob hairstyle is always one of the trendiest hairstyle in the short hairstyles which is never out of fashion.


The asymmetric fringe also adds beauty to the short hairstyles for the summer 2014. The short round cut hair will leave your hair off your face which will be perfect for the summers. The short hairstyle 2014 with the perfect waves looks really gorgeous on the young girls. The dark hair colours are perfect for the wavy short hairstyles. The short shattered messy hair is also in fashion and will be one of the summer trends for the summer 2014.


The cool colour dyes will add beauty to the short hairstyles for the summer 2014. The red and blond colours are popular nowadays. Apart from these colours there are also many other colour that look stylish and modern. The different short hairstyles look attractive with the different hair dyes. It give all a totally new look, transforms your personality and enhances your confidence.


Hairstyles for the summer 2014 for men are the short hairstyles. The side shaved hair looks good on men and will be the short hairstyle trends for men for the summer 2014. Anyone can style their hair in their own way as there are thousands of styling ideas. Men mostly keep it long on the top and short by the sides. The main idea should be to choose a hairstyle that will keep you cool in the hot summer days.


If you want to change your look in the summer 2014 choose any of the short hairstyles that suit your face structure and skin tone.

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