Short Hairstyles with Bangs 2014

Short hairstyles with bangs 2014 are one of the most popular hairstyles young girls adopt these days. Short Hairstyle has become popular because many of the celebrities have adopted it. The short hairstyle with bangs looks trendy, fashionable and sophisticated nowadays. The short hairstyle comes in different styles and bangs like side-swept short hair with long bangs, the semi-messy with long bangs, the bob cut with bangs, spiky short hairstyle with short bangs, short messy hairstyle with long bangs etc. girls pick hairstyles which suits their face shape, personality and mood.Short Hairstyles with bangs looks very charming and appealing on women of all ages. Whether you are a girl of 16 years a grown up lady of 40 years short hairstyle is the hairstyle that enhance your look.


Going through the international magazines it looks the short hairstyle with long bangs is the upcoming trend for the year 2014, and you can easily change the bangs from long to short as the way you like it. The fashion magazines have come with different styles in short hair styles. The bob hairstyle with the bangs is also popular amongst the young girls and women.


According to expert hair stylists the short hairstyle can suit all face shapes like the long face, the oval face shape and the square face. So anyone with any face shape can go for a short haircut. Those who already have a short hair have also got many option to transform it in a new look. Women with thin hair also go for short hairstyle with bangs because it gives volume to the hair and looks very good on them. Those who do not have a short hair, they should also show their braveness and go for the short hairstyle with bangs as it will give them absolutely a new look. The short hairstyle with bangs gives you a more mature and confident look.


Many of the Hollywood celebrities like Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Rita Ora, Kate Perry, Racheal McAdams and other many actresses have short hairstyle with bangs and they all look gorgeous in their new hairstyle. The actresses have cut their hair short with bangs of different length and styles. The color of the hair is also different which goes perfectly with their eye color and skin tone.


Reinvent yourself in the New Year 2014 by cutting your hair short with different bangs. Adopt the short hair style with bangs and go trendy. Short hairstyle with bangs looks stylish and modern on any occasion whether it is formal or casual. Short hairstyle with bangs is also useful because it is easy to carry and it doesn’t take much time in styling the short hair. Working women can go for the short hairstyle because they don’t have much time for their hair and it also looks good on them.

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