Women Short Hairstyles 2014

Short hairstyles according to the most popular and famous hairstylists is perfect hairstyle for the upcoming season. there are several reasons behind it like many hair stylists think that it’s a heat-resistant when you use it in summer. Although there is nothing wrong with long hair either but the long hair can be pretty much cover facial defects, and short hair will become the obvious charges your weaknesses. Moreover long hair needs to be maintained every single day with spending a lot of time with it but short hair gives you an ease to maintain it in a short specific time. Besides those women and girls who don’t get much spear time can apply this style by saving their money as well as time.


One thing which should be kept in mind is short hair would suit you according to your face shape. Different shapes of faces need to cut your hairs in different ways. For instance if we talk about oval faces those are the perfect faces for short hair style, especially when you apply bob deviation roof hairstyle, curly bob hairstyle, roof goofy hair or even stamp all are quite easy and anyone having an oval face shape can apply any of them to give a gorgeous look. The important thing is to choose the style that suits you the best because sometimes even applying one of the best style would make you look so ugly if you don’t apply it in a proper way or you don’t care about the face shape or color of your skin can even sometimes matter. So you have to be so careful while applying any of the styles.


Similarly if you have a round face and you want to apply short hairstyles 2014 then you’d probably need a short hair that touches your chin or shoulder length. This will give you the most awesome look. In particular if you choose bob’s hairstyle that comes with long bangs which covers half of your face even that could be one of the best choice for you unless you try something new and spoil the broth. This style is not recommended for round faces because its trendy but what makes it perfect for you is it reduces the fullness of your face. And even if you would keep it a bit long in that case you would look sexier and even a feminine. So I suggest for the round faces girls to must choose any of these style to look really gorgeous.

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