Cool Easy Hairstyles 2015

Cool easy hairstyles 2015 are going to introduce some hairstyles that should be a part of your 2015 as it is for us. Following are the hairstyles that are super easy to achieve:


One side twist:
To achieve this hairstyle make a side partition keeping in mind that one sides needs to be heavier than the other. Once you have taken out that sides parting take the side that has less hair and start twisting. Twist all the way back. Secure with bobby pins. If you want a party look hairstyle then you can curl the edges of your hair.


Hair Bow:
To acquire this hairstyle try to take 1.5” strands from both sides. Pulling both sections and cross them and keep them aligned. Tie them up into a bow and secure with bobby pins. You can tease your front hair before you make this hairstyle. And straighten the hairs that are falling at the back for a neater look.


Two side braids:
This hairstyle looks cool but to have this hairstyle you must braid two braids on same side and take those braids back and secure with bobby pins. Keep both braids at a very small distance so that they aren’t way too apart of two close that it looks like a mess.


Inverted ponytail bun:
Sure you must’ve heard about the inverted ponytail. But what if we tell you that you can notch this hairstyle up a bit with an easy extra step? After making a ponytail and inverting it the next step is to roll all the hair that are lying down from the pony tail (inverted) and roll them firmly and neatly till the elastic band and secure with bobby pins. You can accessorize this hairstyle with a cute flower so that you may hide any signs of elastic band or a hole/gap that needs to be filled up.


Cover hairstyle quickie:
Part your hair slightly to the side, and then add 2 bobby pins to the side part. Cover the rest of your back hair over it so that the front hair is covered from the bottom. Now this hairstyle is applicable for both short hair and long hair. For short hair before you start this hairstyle curl your hair with the help of an iron rod. And then proceed from the beginning of this hairstyle which we have mentioned. For those who have long hair they can either too curl their hair from the beginning or they can create a fishtail braid to the very same side of the bobby pins.


Cool hairstyles 2015 ensures your to create these hairstyles at home without any rush, they are simple to create and don’t need an extra hand for you to help.

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