Cute Easy Hairstyles 2015

With less time to create and heading towards somewhere where you would for once want to create an easy hairstyle that looks cute, well have no fear we are here to tell you what’s going to be this year’s most cutest and easiest hairstyles of 2015.


Cute and easy hairstyles 2015 is about renovating your hairstyle in less time but having that same spark and creativeness which you see on other people’s hair. We bring you the following hairstyles:


One sided braid twist:
Okay so guessing how this look is created? Well for the first step create a middle part in your hair. After that you must gather a small section of hair from close within that straight part and braid downwards and take the braid backwards at the same time. After two three times of braiding, start adding hair from the side into the braid so that it creates a water fall kind of effect into it and secure the end with an elastic band.


Doughnut bun:
Now we may have already told you and you too must already know how to create a doughnut bun. It is the easiest bun to create within minimum time and we are sure you too have also made it at least once in your lifetime. We aren’t going to tell you how to create but we will share some insights on how to glamorize this little hairstyle into a formal hairstyle that you can wear where ever you like. Ladies now the first accessory that we are going to tell you may sound hilarious but we promise you it doesn't look awkward a bit and many girls are doing that. For this you may want a shoelace of any bright color, it may be sparkly if you’d like. Tie the shoe lace closely to bun wrapping around making sure you aren’t squeezing it from the shoe lace. You can also wear a flower if not real you can opt for a paper flower and stick it to the side of the bun. Headbands are always in line for hair accessories of 2015.


Princess Roll:
To achieve this hairstyle which is super easy to create by the way all you must do is to texture you hair with some sea salt spray. The more texture in your hair the more result it will show in the end. Now get a headscarf and wrap it around your head like you would do while wearing a flower crown. Then start from one side of your head very close to the temple area and start tucking your hair over the head band into it. You must roll all the way till the other side making sure that your hair won’t fall loose. Give it some final touches and there you have your own princess roll hairstyle. You can always add bobby pins if you are uncertain of your hair falling out. You can leave some curly strands of hair in front of your hair if you want that classical look.

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