Easy Hairstyles 2015 for Short Hair

Easy hairstyles 2015 for short hair will be trendy, hip, chic and edgy. Before stepping into details of hairstyles of 2015 we would like to make sure you get familiar with your hair texture. Move onto somewhat different hairstyle like a short bob if you have very fine hair. Mature ladies can even get a stacked bob if they like as there is no age restriction for a lady to look young at her best.


To attain a hipster look you can keep the length of your sleek jagged cut which should reaches your collar. You can accompany this hairstyle with jagged cut bangs and casually place them on your forehead that will give a proper definition to the top of your face. This next hairstyle for short hair is super cute and you can look adorably cute. This is known as the bohemian bob. By using a styling crème and a round large brush depending upon the texture of your hair create a smooth foundation to style this hairstyle. Once fully satisfied with the result use a curling iron (preferably a large barrel iron) to create those chic curls. Finger comb them if necessary. You can wear a bow on the side to accentuate the texture of those curls and adding a different fringe will add even more delicacy to this hairstyle.


Easy hairstyles 2015 are introducing a traditional Mohawk that exaggerates the texture of your hair and is fun to wear. This hairstyle needs a mousse that should add volume. Dry about most of the hair after applying that mousse. Once done use a flat iron to smooth any tangy wavy hair that may seem to you that doesn’t fit in this hairstyle. You can add disconnected layers on the side for more dimensions that will add an eye catching style to your hair. This hairstyle is recommended for those who want to enhance their jaw line. Wearing bows or headbands with your short hair this year is definitely recommended.


You can add highlights or dye the tips of the end of your hair to add more richness. Bobs are definitely in for 2015 and a tapered bob is the best example for a easy hairstyle this year. This kind of bob is tapered back into the neck and by adding layers to the top and side will notch this hairstyle. The luscious tapered bob is simple yet if designed with excellence this hairstyle is advisable for medium hair. Having short hair isn’t embarrassing or is considered to be a sin. Many celebrities who had long locks snipped off their hair and kept short hair for a long time, if they can look glamorously in it why can’t you?


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