Easy Hairstyles 2015 to do at Home

Easy hairstyle 2015 to do at home is all about having bobby pins and elastic in your home. You won’t be needing much accessories to help you acquire these following hairstyles that will glam you up before you head out. Following are the easy hairstyle of 2015 that you can do at home:


The Knotted Half Up:
The first easy hairstyle of 2015 is known as the knotted half up. This hairstyle will literally not take a minute and it will be really pretty. No one will ever notice that you have created this hairstyle within under a one minute mark. This hairstyle is achieved by pulling half of your hair all the way to the back of your head. Making sure that you have no lumps or tangled hair in between all of this process, once affirmed partition the gathered hair into equal two sections. By tying those into a single knot try to keep your hair smooth during this. If you want any accessory you can always add a hair barrette just beneath the knot and secure it with bobby pins.


The Criss-Cross Low Bun:
Creating this hairstyle is more appropriate for formal events. And this hairstyle is a guarantee packed hairstyle that you will be showered with praises and many positive comments so if I were you I would be getting ready for all the attention that has to come with this hairstyle. All you have to do to achieve this hairstyle is to partition your hair into three sections. Level the side sections with even amount of hair and bear in mind that the middle section of hair should have more volume. Tie a low pony tail from the middle section of hair. Secure the ponytail by bobby pins after you have wrapped it into a pun now the last step might by tricky because it requires steady hands and finesse all you have to do is now take one section of the side hair over the bun and keep rotating it till you are left with none and re repeat this step with the remaining side. Secure the left over strands of hair with bobby pins.


The French Braided Side Bun:
Wanting to feel pretty and hoping you achieve a super cool hairstyle that can be easily prepared at home? Well worry not this hairstyle is absolutely achievable and advisable for a consistent warm weather where you have to be running errands or have a casual day out. But if you’d like to wear something nice in your office this hairstyle is a real treat. First to create this hairstyle you need to French braid a part of hair from the side of your head all the way till your ear. Once you have accomplished braiding it till your ear like normally you would’ve done, secure that braid with elastic. Whichever side you chose to braid gathers all your hair to that side of the French braid and create a regular braid. Try not to braid your hair tightly this time since you want your braid to breathe and have space to move while you acquire a bun. And once you are done braiding combine the two braids into a low fashionably bun and secure it with bobby pins.


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