New hair washing rule

New hair washing rule is the best read for taking essential care of your hair. It isn’t that easy and comfortable for one to just drop their daily dose of regular shampoo. It isn’t easy at all ladies and gentlemen. Reviewing and asking for their opinions we have gathered mostly the same amount of answers of how often should one wash their hair, and many of them replied that this question lies entirely upon your texture. Dear readers we can tell you by the recent surveys of what we took that finer sleeker hair demands to be washed daily or every other day.


If you have a busy schedule and can’t take the time out then you can absolutely wash it every other day, but for those who own thicker hair and have a bit of much richer texture they can wash their hair every other second day which can also be lead to once a week if you don’t mind washing your hair once a week that is. For people who have finer hair should replace their shampoo with a good quality volume conditioner. Why the need to replace a shampoo with a conditioner that will help your hair in volume and texture? The answer is that we want you to not lose any of your natural oils in your hair as shampoo’s can go rigid on your hair at times and strip the essential natural oils that your hair contain. It is also very important to know as a new hair washing rule is that you should switch up your shampoo.


It is necessary for your hair in order to have and achieve the best treatment possible is to switch the brand of your shampoo. And this switch of brand should be taken at least once a month and then you can come back to your old shampoo. Another important little tip for you is to use a very good quality clarifying shampoo. This should only be used when being lived in an area where there is mineral heavy water. Clarifying shampoo helps to make your hair softer and you can brush through them easily because it helps to vanish all the build up debris in your hair. Do not and we repeat do not ever wash your hair under way too much hot water. Washing your hair under extreme hot water can make your hair go not only dry but opens any kind of follicles in your hair that can lead to breakage of your hair as well.


We advise you with the most sincerest tip of actually shampooing and conditioning your hair under lukewarm water. Once washed thoroughly now in order to close your follicles of your hair rinse your hair under cold water so that it will give less chance of hair breakage. Your whole head doesn't need to be lathered in foam to get a good clean (in fact, if your shampoo is sulfate-free, it won't lather much at all)—just massage the soap into your roots and use water to help spread it, then let it sit for a minute or two.


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