Party hairstyles for men (part 2)

Party hairstyles for men (part 2)  shall help men decide how to style their hair for party season or party events/occasion. The first party hairstyle that men should look out for and incorporate onto their own hair is the most well known and well recognized the one and only “wet look hair”. This is to be the most incredibly adapted hairstyle that we have seen on the ramp where models have been showing us that how much this hairstyle is into this year and it won’t leave anytime soon. This is a step further than using any kind of shine products.


Wet look hair can definitely be worn in different ways that we shall tell you of but before that we must let you know that wet look hairstyles are known to consist of sheen and masculinity. Whether you are dressed as smartly casual or are well suited for your event this hairstyle is achieved by only one method that promises you great results. For the best kind of wet look hair you must towel dry your hair instead of trying to blow dry them. Try to towel dry your hair by flipping your hair in that position in which you want that wet look to be. You can test in which kind of hairstyle your hair would look good in wet look hair by testing it on damp hair. Once assured you may apply a wet look styling product of any kind that is best suitable for your hair.


Once applied leave your hair to be without messing it much, this will leave your hair to set naturally on its own course. This hairstyles looks incredible on short hair either by a classic side part or by just simply combing your hair back. In order to give more volume and structure to your hair you can always add a little hairspray on your hair after you have applied the gel. The next party hairstyle for men are big hair that promises head being turned all the way whoever lays eyes on them. The big hair statement is a great way to make it a party season statement. You can either max out your hair with a quiff or try out a pompadour. The only things to consider are the way your hair texture is. Choosing the right products in the end give the maximum result to your hair style and makes your hairstyles work a lot less difficult.


To create the beautiful quiff/pompadour you must blow dry your hair. Whilst blow-drying brush away your hair from your face and that can be achieved by using a vent brush. This acts as a two way not only it helps your hair to be smoother but also you will see efficient and maximum volume. Once satisfied you may apply any kind of product that will help your roots of your hair to stiffen and give support to the rest of your hair.

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