Short straight hairstyles

Short straight hairstyles are one of a kind, not only they make you high spirited when styled properly but also makes you comfortable within your own layer of hair.  The first hairstyle is not only easy to do but also it saves a lot of time. Starting off with how to style your hair you must apply any kind of styling product. Make sure that you have wet hair in order to apply this product. The next step may be tricky but we assure you that nothing is impossible. You may want an extra set of hands. Flat wrap the short version of your hair and use a styling brush as well as a blow dryer.


Now lift the longer hair on your head and blow dry them outwards and away from where they are situated. When you are uplifting them and blow drying them this will create not only volume but will give extra texture to your hair. Make sure that you do not leave the ends of your hair as well. Take sections of hair from the crown area and tease them gently with the help of a teasing comb. When you are once done and satisfied making sure that you have enough volume set your hairstyle with any kind of appropriate kind of spray. An extra tip for those ladies who want a full rich voluminous blowout they can apply any kind of foamy mousse to their hair that will set their hair as well as give the volume they desire. Those ladies are welcome to try who have medium hair (texture wise). All face shapes will suit this hairstyle.


Short straight hairstyles will not only build the confidence within you but also will teach you how to bring out the inner real you because hairstyles do certainly reflect a bit of your personality.The next hairstyle is dedicated for those ladies who own a short haircut. This haircut must compromise medium texture and density of hair as well as oval face shape. To attain a feminine look towards a spiky hairstyle we shall  give you some insight tips on how to blend in the hair with that chic haircut. Styling in this haircut might seem tricky especially when this haircut already consists of short on the bottom.


To recreate this hairstyle you must start off with an appropriate well known quality brand styling product that will allow your hair not only to breathe when under stress from all the hairstyling but also give it class. The next step is to start blow drying your hair very gently and smoothly till perfection and that shall be accomplished with the help of a styling brush. It is very important that you apply protection to your hair so that your hair does not suffer any kind of damage. Smooth the rough areas of your hair and to add a well polished look to your hair use a flat iron. To attain equal amount of distribution of texture to your hair you can use any kind of wax that is easily available in a can that promises aerosol delivery. Apply this product to your hair.


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