Simple hairstyles for dirty hair

Simple hairstyles for dirty hair are quite easy in the process of making as you can style your hair even if they are messy and still look incredibly gorgeous. There are however are a few tricks that one must know In order to master the level of being a stylist while handling dirty hair. As this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and one can easily turn their messy hair looking more messier than ever. So stays tuned to this article and let us explore all the opportunities and tips that we have for you in order for you to grow bigger and better with your messy hair.


The first hairstyle that you can opt for is a neat and clean side swept bun. This is an absolutely quick hairstyle that is chic and modish in looks and is a great cover up to your dirty hair into a retro hairstyle. Make sure that you make a deep side part. After you have ensured that your deep side part is straight then you may collect all your hair on the opposite side. By gathering all hair makes a pony tail that is low in height and right behind your ear. You can secure your ponytail with a hair tie. Add clips, braids or ribbons if you want to emphasize on extra detail. The next hairstyle for dirty hairs is a half French braid. This is a super easy hairstyle that will highlight the braids in your hair in a very fashionable way. All you have to do is French braid your hair at lower down of your hair till the nape of your neck.


You may either gather your hair into a bun or a low ponytail. Not only your hair will be out of the way but also the dirtiness of your hair shall be minimum to none. If your hair easily gets dirty in summers you can make the most of your hair by giving the impression of you walking on the beach with your frizzy beach hair. All you have to do is apply some salt spray. You can easily make this salt spray at home by blending sea salt and water and applying it to your wet and damp hair. Scrunch your hair and then do not blow dry your hair just let your hair air dry and take their natural course. And there you go the perfect beach hair you will have.


Those who have short hair might worry too much when their hair are dirty as there is absolute no way to tie their hair. But we are here for the rescue and let us tell you that so what you can’t tie your short hair into a braid or ponytail. You can always go for a headband. The headband will take most of the notice making sure that your hair isn’t asked for. Just remember to style your hair well before wearing a headband as you do not want to mess up with your hair as well.

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