Beautiful Mens Hairstyles for Thick Hair 2016

Beautiful mens hairstyles for thick hair 2016 are versatile and specifically developed for men who want to appear charming, beautiful and handsome.


These hairstyles can be easily achieved and you can wear them in any season and take them to any occasion. So, here we go with out collection of the trendy hairstyles in this category.


1. Civilized corporate hairstyle

civilized corporate hairstyles 2016 mensCivilized corporate hairstyle is a classical hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the classic crops are left in the top and are finished with a stylish side part.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

1. First towel dry your hair.

2. Then part your hair to one side and use the outer corner of your ear as guide for creating the part.

3. Apply medium hold styling cream through your hair.

4. Comb your hair over and away from the part on each side and allow hair to dry.


2. Close Call

close call mens hairstyle 2016The Close Call hairstyle is for the ultra-dense dark hair in which it is styled close to the head for an elegant clean-cut texture. The procedure to style this hairstyle is simple and effortless.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

1. Blow dry your hair forward by using medium heat setting.

2. Hold high randomly some parts of your and apply high shine styling gel through that part for the perfect control.

3. You can also use clippers through the sides and back to create this hairstyle. The length of your hair can be mixed with texturizing scissors.


3. Side ways

Side Ways hairstyle is styled into parted deep to one side. It gives your hair tons of touchable lift and high stakes style. This hairstyle is unique and meant to give you a graceful and handsome appearance.





Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

1. Towel dry your hair

2. Part your hair to one side and use the outer corner of your ear as guide to part.

3. You can use your fingertips to lift your hair at the roots.

4. Finish this hairstyle by applying styling cream throughout your hair and finger comb to the side.


4. Lifted higher

lifted higher hairstyles 2016 mensIn the lifted higher hairstyle, if you have wavy hair then cut them into shorter near the sides, and leaves the hair longer at the top. This will create a laid back style which looks perfecton every one.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

1. Towel dry your hair

2. Apply some amount of styling cream through your hair

3. Use a blow dryer while lifting your hair near the roots that will create volume.

4. At last just finish your hairstyle by applying small amount of cream throughout your hair from roots to the tips.


5. Thick and curly

The Thick and Curly hairstyle is for those men who have curly hair with darker tones. This style creates depth and interest to your hair. To maintain your hair and make it good, looking by following the instructions religiously.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:

1. Use a hairbrush to move your hair to one side.

2. Then use small amount of hair product through the hair.

3. Now let your hair to dry, which will give you best result and look simply lovely.

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