Bob Hairstyles 2016

Bob hairstyles 2016 brings answer to the call of women for new, hot and trendy hairstyles to wear in 2016. If you are one of those women who were waiting for innovative ideas bob hairstyle ideas, you are in luck because the New Year has brought new bob hairstyles for you and now you can get rid of the old, boring hairstyles.


According to hairstylists, it is really possible to get bob style without cutting your hair, it is easy and you can get it in a short time. Bob hairstyles 2016 have many variations for long, medium or short hair, including options for straight, layers, curly, stroke and pony.


To achieve the basic bob hairstyle, you need to cut your hair into jaws or create a pony. You can wear this hairstyle to any event and on every bob with side bangs hair styles 2016season. What type of bob hairstyle you should wear completely depends on your preferences and your hair type. The good news is that you can easily find a suitable bob for any face shape and type of hair.


Why bob hairstyles?
There are certain reasons bob is a better choice for you. The most important one is: you will get beautiful neck and jaw line. If you have thin layers, bob in layers is a best choice. If you have curly hair, you don’t need to give your hair a triangle shape, because with bob hairstyles, you can get a better look.


The variations of bob hairstyles
If you are someone with fine hair, you should create a bob that is cut short at your back and longer in the front. If you have round face you can try a longer bob on it. The new bob hairstyles boast both classical and modern versions. There are also short bob hairstyles for you if you have hair with a blow. You can cut your hair slightly to achieve an attractive bob. Bob with bangs is yet another innovation options you can wear. You can create this hairstyle with a lock and layered cuts and then make a bob with bangs. Make sure that you first create three tight ponies.


Short square bob
Short square bob hairstyle is also a glamorous hairstyle; you must try it, but it does not suit all face shapes. It is particularly suitable for round faces. As far as long bob is concerned, this hairstyle suits every face shapes and all types of hair.


Wavy short bob
Wavy short bob will give you very cute and girlish look. Many girls today copy wavy short bob hair styles 2016this cool hairstyle from their favorite models and celebrities. You have to choose thin bangs to draw attention of your eyes.


Bob with side bangs
Women like you want trendy and cool hairstyles, and the best way to achieve this is by combining your short bob cuts with side bangs. These bangs look very stylish and give you a chic appearance.

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