Coolest Summer Braids 2016

Coolest summer braids 2016 is for women who want to wear something sophisticated, stylish and modern in the summer season. Women mostly used to carry simple ponytail and updo.


Now it is time to get rid of the simply ponytail and updo, adding braid to hair in hot weather is not only easy to carry but also gives stylish and beautiful looks. Given below are few braids hairstyles for those who will carry medium to long hair this summer.


1) Queen of Braids

When you want to adopt new hairstyle in summer apply an easy crown braid that has been applied by many celebrities. The queen of braids has a bang queen of braids hairstyle 2016and a braid that is carried like a queen crown across the head. To get the style comb your bang forward and pull the remaining hair into a side or back bun. Before securing the bun, take a piece of hair and secure the bun with hair elastic. Now make three section of the piece of hair and start creating braid on it and wrap the braid piece around the hair. Use a bobby pin to secure the piece at the other side. Apply a holding spray at the end.


2) Edgy Gal

The edgy gal hair has a braid at the crown section with a high ponytail at the back. It is an amazing hairstyle for women in summer, which keeps your hair away from neck section and looks cool too.Start with taking three piece of hair from the forehead and create classic braid to it untill the crown it with a bobby pin and pull the remaining hair from the sides and form a high pony tail near the crown. Use a elastic edgy gal hair 2016band to secure the ponytail and take a piece of hair beneath pony and wrap it around the elastic. Use a curling iron to create curls on the ponytail which looks classic from front and stylish from the back.


3) Jazzed Up Ponytail

Women with medium and long hair always want to keep their hair away from face and neck section in summer because of hot weather. The jazzed up ponytail is hairstyle, which is easy to manage hair in summer. The braid from the side is the attraction point of the hairstyle.


To get this stylish hairstyle start with applying a styling product to wet hair.dry out the hair and create curls on hair using a curling iron. Now take a piece of hair from above the ear from one side and create braid on it until reaches to the middle of head. Secure with booby pin. Repeat the same step for other side. When done with braiding pull the hair to the centre of crown and make a ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic.

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