Cute Casual Long Hairstyles 2016 with Braids

Cute casual long hairstyles 2016 with braids are for women who love braids in a hairstyle for its features like dimension, texture and appeal. The hairstyles under this category for long hair in the collection of 2016 are interesting for casual wear. Women love styling their hair and always desire to look cute with some easy hairstyles that are less time consuming to achieve and easy to wear casually.


With cute casual long hairstyles 2016 with braids, you can just leave your long hair free and also fashion hairstyles like prom, ponytail, bun updo, braids etc. To support these hairstyles, you can also use hair products such as gel and hair gel to keep your hair shimmering and keep the style intact.


Fishtail braid

This hairstyle is cute and women can wear it casually because the braid is great and it’s multipurpose. It can give you an Cute Casual Long Hairstyles 2016 Fishtail braidstylish and tasteful appearance. To achieve this hairstyle, it takes only few minutes and it works for long length hair. It looks lovely and we guarantee that you would absolutely love it.


French braid

The French braid looks simply superb sweet on long hair and it can be worn in so many ways. You can wear it at the front or simply straight down. This also helps you to keep your long hair out of your face, so your onlookers will admire your beauty. These hairstyles also structure your face well and you can wear it carelessly anywhere. Also, it looks great when you make a side swept too on your hair.


Boho braid

The Boho Braid is mostly seen at the top or at the front of the hair. You can also place it back down. You can wear this hairstyle like when you’re going for a day at park or for any melodic or cultural fiestas. These hairstyles simply look cute and you would feel relaxed.


Cornrow braid

This cornrow-braided hairstyle is great for long hair because it can suite every long hair type. Also, it works well especially for long wavy or curly hair. If you have wavy or casual long hairstyles 2016 cornrow braidcurly hair and you feel trouble to style it informally, don’t worry in 2016 because the cornrow braid hairstyle is for you, which will look great on your day out and on fun active date.


Braided bun

The braided bun is great hairstyle for all circumstances and for daily wear. It is especially perfect for you to wear to any official occasion. If you have long hair and want to have cute and faultless look, you can now simply try this braided bun hairstyle. It adds more style to your archetypal bun and women mostly love this hairstyle. This braided bun is also perfect for hot weather when you don’t want to cover your neck and shoulder to not be covered by your long hair.

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