Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles 2016 for Girls with Short Hair

Gorgeous prom hairstyles 2016 for girls with short hair is definitely those kind of hairstyle that will bring down all those haters who blame short hair for not being creative enough and shouldn’t be for women. This article provides you with the best short hairstyles that will look absolutely breathtakingly beautiful for your special prom night out.


It is 2016 meaning short hair have no longer to worry being in the dark as people now have started to embrace and love the idea of wearing short hair as the perfect choice. It is time to make a statement and we know that nothing is indeed better than wearing short hair with a touch and style to your prom for 2016. So girls hold on tight what we are about to tell you we promise that you may have never heard of it before.


Classic inspired prom hairstyle for short hair 2016:


This first hairstyle is totally chic and adapts from the classical eta where retro style were quite popular. This vintage inspired classical hairstyle is perfect Classic inspired prom hairstyle for 2016 short hairfor short hair as when paired with gown just like women use to wear them back in the old days you certainly might look something whole new and apart from the rest and we certainly want that as Hollywood starlets have never gone unnoticed and neither will you.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


1. To start with this hairstyle make sure to comb your hair with a strong firm holding gel on your damp hair since it will be quite easier with damp hair rather than dry hair.


2. With the help of a comb you may create a much more deeper impression of finger wave on to your hair that will be each side of your part. When you are done creating the impression you can clip your finger wave with the help of a skinny clip. This is essential to clip it because it will definitely be of great help to make sure you waves do not get messed up and don’t pull apart while the gel is setting itself onto those finger waves.


3. While your hair is still damp and if not gently spray water from a good amount of distance and insert small rollers (plastic) into your hair. Let them set and let it dry. If you do not have small rollers then you can either wait a good amount of time for your finger waves to set in then curl your hair with the help of a curling rod.


4. Finger comb your hair to separate the hair and spray for finish a nice hairspray.


Additional information:
This hairstyle looks exceptionally well with either square faces, oval faces and even heart faces. There should be some texture present in your hair for this hairstyle. It is up to you whether or not you want to use a whole of styling gel to set your hair either way we are happy to tell you not applying that would equally benefit your hair.


Curls with a side bun:


This next hairstyle that we would like to bring under your attention is about bringing the impossible under the possible category. This hairstyle will help you bring your short hair under the illusion that you can definitely make them a tad extra longer if you want and remodel yourself beautifying yourself and Curls with a side bun hair 2016making look yourself have the amazing most updo in which you won’t have to give the length typically associated to your hair. This beautiful side bun with a touch of curls will be exactly what you shall be needing to make your hairstyle look absolutely different. And just for the information we would like to give you that hairspray and bobby pins are exactly what you need as your undercover agent.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


1. To have this hairstyle you must first blow dry your hair that too with the help of a round brush. But before you do blow dry we would like you to apply a mousse that will help sculpt your hair.


2. The next step for you since it requires curls for this hairstyle is to curl your hair by the ends and once you have successfully curled your hair you may break those curls with the help of your fingers.


3. Now gather all hair over to one side and then secure your hair by pinning them so that the last part of the curl is absolutely free.


4. Use hair pins that are specifically designed for hair securing purposes (they look like bobby pins but they do not pinch and strike you in the head) so that you can easily style hair loosely from the front.


5. Use a nice holding hairspray so that you may get the perfect hair touch that you desire.


Additional information:
There is a couple of recommendations that we would like to give you. First of all you need a good hair product that will give you the ultimate control of your hair especially when you are carrying around such curls. Try to apply mousse on damp hair rather than dry hair. Then scrunch and diffuse your hair this will help the product to disperse so that it equally reaches to all of your hair in the perfect synchronization. You may have any kind of hair type and hair texture there certainly is no problem towards that issue. But we would like to say at this point that your hair might look end up a bit wispy and won’t be certainly enjoy the fuller texture if you have fine hair. For hairs that are too short to reach, try imitating a braid too! You can layer hairs along one side to look like they’re in a braid by using a bobby pin in the end of each braid section as you go. Since another layer will go right over the top, the pins will be hidden and you’ll get all that short hair over to the side without having to look at the pins or feel like you’re wearing a hairspray helmet.

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