Hair Colors for 2016

Hair colors for 2016 bring you a diver range. There are hundreds of hair colors hitting the shelves in the New Year, and you’re not bounded to stick to only to natural color. You can try to go beyond this and try something new and innovative. One of the very famous hair colors for 2016 is the Ombre highlight. To wear this hair color, you have to make your hair ends lighter and the roots darker. There are a number of new hair colors that are associated with the Ombre hairstyle. Ombre hairstyle will look fantastic on you and you can wear in any season, including summer and winter.


Normally, when we hear about somber, we think about blonde hair colors and their shades, but hair experts now insist on somber highlights for dark hair. For example, if you have brown and black color hair, somber hair colors can fit you too because they highlight your persona and overall charm. Women who are afraid to dye their hair and change their hair color can give this hair color a shot because this hair color will not make your hair appear bright and shouting. It will highlight your beauty and introduce some amazing changes to your looks.


If you have dark hairs and you think it looks boring every year, go for a hair color of your choice. You have several options to choose from, such as the colors you like the most, and the best shades for your complexion. The dark blonde hair colors from 2015 also continues to be a trend in 2016. You can wear this color with confidence even if you don’t know about lighter tones. If you have medium hair and dark skin, you can go for dark blonde to appear stunning.


Red shade hair colors are also trending in 2016. Usually considered that red hairs look so sexy and adorable, yet natural red hair is very rare and that’s why women have to go for red hair colors. The bad news, however, is that red hair color needs high maintenance and special care. If you don’t take good care of your hair, it will gradually start to appear dull. You need to devote some time to hair care. Remember, a red highlight on your hair would look wonderful and there will be no need to change natural color.


If you have dark brown hair and you apply red lowlight highlights on them, it will look so natural and very stylish. It will make your hair appear fuller and longer. Low highlights with dark brown hair will looks like Ombre and it is standard combination of brown and blonde. If you have light brown hair, you can try lighter lowlights on them

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