Hairstyles for square face 2016

Hairstyles for square faces 2016


brings a line of hairstyles that specifically designed for those ladies who own square face and cannot find one perfect hairstyle to collaborate themselves with. It is undoubtedly really tough for such ladies to pick out a hairstyle for which they think that is perfect for them. Although the compilation was tough but we surely have succeeded in making you a list of all those special insightful hairstyles that are specially going out for those ones who have square faces.


Pull off lob style:


The following first hairstyle is a blend and infuses of being rocky and edgy. Not only you will enjoy this hairstyle at some casual day but also you can wear this hairstyle at a night out function. All you have to do to get the desired look is to apply any kind of hair product in your hair and blow-drying it afterward. Making sure that you are putting in enough texture in your hair you want to iron your hair once they are blow-dried and then lift a section of hair from the front and tease that portion while pinning it back with the help of bobby pins.


Square lighter style:


This next hairstyle is not only sassy but also very sophisticated and can surely be worn by many ladies of any age. All you have to do is just rubbing in some hair product that can afterwards assure you to give much more potential in your hair by giving it off as a thickening boost. Taking small sections of hair at a time you can blow dry them. Make sure that smaller the sections the better your square shape is going to be highlighted even much more. Wearing highlights and styling in this manner will be a better choice since those colors of highlight are going to really pop out once you start blow drying your hair. Supporting a fringe under this manner can also help the style itself to look absolutely fantastic.


Curls style:


This hairstyle isobviously easy to recognize since curls are mentioned so it means that to adjust your square shaped face we are definitely watching medium hairstyle 2016 that has curls in it. This can absolutely go well if you wear it at day timings or even at night timings. The only thing that you must seek out before you start going out for that night function is to wear any kind of glittery accessory that may help dress you up a bit. Messy curls with a square shaped face are like two peas in a pod. The perfect kind of curl that is in this hairstyle is by bringing out a one and a half inch curling rod and making sure that you are curling your hair by taking out portions and sections. Spraying in some hairspray to hold the curls and tucking side behind an ear is the perfect touch for an elegant look.


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