Medium Length Hairstyles 2016

Medium length hairstyles 2016 bring you a unique combination of modern and vintage hairstyles. These hairstyles incorporate all the elements of modern hairstyles. You can give these hairstyles a shot to settle down for the one that best suits you.


So, here we go with the medium hairstyles 2016:

1. Vintage Amber

The vintage amber is one of the hairstyles for medium length hair that creates splendid waves to give you typical traditional look. To get this hairstyle, comb the hair into a profound side part. After applying heat protection, you can use a curl iron to produce curls section wise on the hair. vintage amber medium length hairstyles 2016Once the curls are created, use your fingers and brush your hair to get the natural look. Apply a hair spray to grasp the style. This hairstyle is perfect for any facial structure.


2. Golden Stack

The golden stack has a long bob at the back section while the hair is left longer at the front. To achieve the style, begin with applying a styling cream to moisten the hair. Blow-dry your hair using a hairbrush. Now apply a hair serum and a hair spray to give your hairstyle a finishing touch. The hairstyle suits on wider face shapes with medium to thick hair.


3. Au Naturale

This style carries a natural curly hair in medium length, which looks marvelous and whimsical. To get the hairstyle, start with applying a styling product to make your hair moist. Blow-dry the hair and with the help with of a hair diffuser, you will get waves. Apply a hair spray to hold the style. The best face shape for the hairstyle is longer face shape while natural curly hair works well on it.


4. Laurel

This is another perfect hairstyle for medium length hair. This hairstyle has longer layers at the front section while the hair is left short in length at the rear. These short and long cut help to get unflawed waves. To achieve the hairstyle, start with applying a heat protection product to the hair laurel medium length hairstyles 2016and form curls on hair from the front section. Use your fingers to tweak the curls. To hold the style, apply a hair spray. This hairstyle will appear elegant on wider face shape and needs medium length hair.


5. Asymmetric Crimson

This hairstyle has a long bob, which is short at the rear and longer at the front part. It also has one side longer than the other side. The fringe is low and the sides have curls. To get this hairstyle, begin with applying a styling product to the make your hair wet. Dry out your hair with a hairbrush, and then apply a heat protection product to the hair. Use a flat iron on the hair for better result. Apply a hair serum and finishing spray to get finishing touch. You need medium in surface and dense hair for this look. This hairstyle works well on wider face shape.

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