Hottest Short Hairstyles 2016

Short hairstyles 2016 consist of a number of hairstyles; however, this articlediscusses the mots trending short hairstyle that would be ruling the New Year. In the previous years, people loved adopting curly hair with their long hairs, but that trend has changed in 2016. Now, you can apply curl on short hairs to look more stylish and gorgeous.


The list is topped by curly blonde, which looks good on oval and heart shaped faces. All you need is a serum,a paddle brush and hair spray. First you need to apply the serum on the whole hair,than wrap the hair with the help of paddle brush in one direction.Use of hair spray will help to sustain the hairstyle.


Brownie crop is a trend among women in 2016.People with brown hair and oval,heart and square shaped faces can adapt this hairstyle.To achieve 2016 short hairstylesthis hairstyle, you have to first create an exhausted edge for a softer look. Youcan use a hair mousse to create hair volume, and then use your fingers to dishevel the hair while applying the blow dryer. For the final look, use the fingers to make the outline.


For women with round faces and thick hair,the New Year trend brings the layered bob haircut. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to cut the hair into equal parts to the chin with medium length, so you can get more volume. For face framing, create a long side bang. In order to achieve this hairstyle, you must start with clean and dry hair. Apply a heat protection spray at the edges and then use a comb to partyour hair in two parts, from the centre on right and left. Use a flat iron to get smooth hair and hair spray to get the layers.


The sleek bob hair is an all time favorite of women among the short hairstyles in the New Year. It is perfect for women with round and square faces because it short hairstyles 2016 for womenhelps them to appear thinner.To achieve this hairstyle, createa longer section of your hair, sloping downward the neck. Now, part your hair from the side to have the style flipped under. Use a flat iron to make your hair smooth. To make the flipped under effect more prominent,bevel the hair iron under on the edges of the hair.


Elegant hairstyle can best suite womenhaving any type of face shape. For elegant hairstyle, you need neck length hair and you do not have to use any accessories on the hair. Try to make waves on your hair with the help of curling iron, and then use your fingers to create the curls.Avoid making too much curls because that would make you appear odd; just try to create simple waves on the hair.

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