Ideas for Hair Chalking Natural Hair 2016

Ideas for hair chalking natural hair 2016 are for girls who love adopting different waysof expressing themselves through these styles. Hair chalking is one of the popular trends among college girls nowadays.There are different products easily available in market for hair chalking. You can use different hair chalks and pens.


1. Colored hair chalk

Hair chalk is a scribble for hair, which contains different colors for temporary coloring of hair. You can find different types and colors of chalk in the market, and girls with dark hair love to apply bright color while those with light hair color love dark color. For this chalking trend, comb your hair and create a side part, use different colors on the bangs. Apply pinkish color on one side while yellowish on other side. It will make you more attractive.


2. Hair chalk parties

hair 2016 chalk partiesThis type of chalking is versatile, modern and stylish. For this chalking style, divide your hair into two parts. Apply some light color like light blue or orange on each side. You can also apply the color to the entire hair or at some parts; this hairstyle is easy and effortless to style.


3. Waterfalls braid color

Waterfall braid is one of the most liked and adapted hairstyle. To get the style, comb your hair and create side part and then start creating braid on the hair by taking three ombre hair style 2016sections. While braiding, let the one section fall. Addanother section while braiding and add different color on each section of the braid. Add more different light colors to each fall, which will make your waterfall braid look more beautiful.


4. Ombre style

Those who have long hair can add different colors like green and purple to look more attractive and beautiful. Adding color to hair gives a chic look. Using these colors on medium length hair will look like regular ombre. Using different color on ombre gives younger look and makes you more glamorous. Uses of dark shade will not give a regular ombre look. To get natural look apply light color on the edges of the hair.


5. Under layer

Some girls may not feel comfortable while applying color to entire hair so here is another idea to add color is another way. Thosewho have short and bob hairstyle can under layer hairstyles 2016work better on this idea. Add color to the underneath layers. This will make your dress, face and underneath more prominent. Dark shade will work great with light combination.


6. Random fun streak

Nowadays, carry curly hair is trending and the random fun streak is adding color to random curls. Adding different shade on curls gives a unique and beautiful look. Some celebrities have also been carrying this style, such as Katy Perry was seen using blue and pink shades with curls which gives her unique and amazing look.

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