Long Curly Hairstyles 2016 with Braids

Long curly hairstyles 2016 with braids give you hair more fashioning selections and women with curly long hair can go for countless hairstyles like updos, braids and formal hairstyle etc. The long curly hairstyles 2016 with braids provide you with chic hairstyle ideas.


Making braids for curly long hair is a little bit arduous to device as matched to straight hair. Braids are a bizarre way to keep your hair from daubing itself to your head in your casual look. Here we go with our collection for the New Year:


1. Boho fishtail braids


This hairstyle is easier to carry, but takes a bit longer to realize then outmoded braid. The hairstyle looks swankier and inclines to hold the muddled boho fishtail braids 2016curls in better place. To make this hairstyle, first create separate parts in your hair to come up with pigtails, and then braid one pigtail into fishtail braid until the midway point. Now take the braid and coil it once around to the other pigtail. Finally, create fishtail braid with that pigtail by connecting the bottom half of the first braid into the new one. This will look fabulous and trendy on your curly long hair.


2. Waterfall braid


This hairstyle looks difficult and complicated to achieve, but in fact it’s really pretty simple. To achieve this hairstyle, start from the front of one side of your part and then start making normal French braid. Make it up to 2-3 inches and drop the outside strand. Then again, pick up new piece right beside it and also continue to add the top piece as well until you get your desired stopping point. This hairstyle is incredibly gorgeous.


3. Front to back braid


The front to back braid is one of the hairstyles for curly long hair, which looks awkward, but is actually super easy to achieve. All you do is to start from the top front to back braidof hair and all the way to back. Also make sure to make the braid dense and have a lot of bobby pins.


4. Standard braid


Most women think that they have curly long hair and it’s very arduous for them to knob and make hairstyles. In long curly hairstyles 2016 with braids, you can try the standard braid which looks whimsical and but little wiry sometimes.


5. Milkmaid braids

The milkmaid braid looks super cute and it’s also to do. In this hairstyle, two detached braids cross each other on the top of your head. If you have concern to device your long curly hair then this hairstyle is best for curly long hair. First you have to braid your hair while it’s wet and then comb a small amount of hair gel through your hair which will make it easy to braid and at last secure it with elastic as well you can use hair pins whenever it is possible.

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