Long Hair Styles 2016 for Prom

Long hairstyles 2016 for prom have substantial choices to make your prom night the best moment of your life. Long hairs are bit challenging to handle; however, the prom hairstyles are there for long hairs like curls, waves, updos as well as chignons. These hairstyles look fantastic on long hairs.


The updos prom hairstyles are deliberated the firm prom for night functions and also provide stylish appearance. Other hairstyles in long hairstyles 2016 for prom are easy, chic cuts where the front part are folded away as well some are divided with hair band.


1. Classic Topknot


Women are mostly fan of the prom hairstyle. These hairstyles of topknots are for women who love to wear inimitable hairstyle during classic topknot hair styles 2016summer proms. This hairstyle is easy and you have to first clean your hair and use the hair donut bun hair on your back in a height. Then leave few face surrounding pieces in front and spray on your hairstyle. This prom hairstyle will make you long hair look simply beautiful and encourage the others too.


2. Hairband Bun


In the hairband bun hairstyle you need to create texture of crest to add volume and then blow-dry your hair before applying the hair spray. Then pull your hair into bun and twist the hair as dancer. Finally, pull the few pieces of your hair to sharpen the ends. Use hair pins for the bun you made and add some hair spray to keep the bun to make the prom hairstyle look slimy.


3. Sophisticated Ponytail


Women with long length hair love to have decent prom ponytail hairstyle and get urbane look. The sophisticated ponytail hairstyle is a hot impression of prom ponytail in which you have to tug back your hair in a pony and cloak a piece of hair around the posse to hide. You can also use hairpins for any flyways.


4. Casual Updo


It is arduous for women with long hair to style unusual hairstyles daily and knob their hair properly. The causal updo hairstyle is now casual updo hairstyles 2016the best hairstyle you can wear causally, especially in summer hot days. To achieve this hairstyle, part your hair on the sides and in the back of your hair into a low shambolic bun.


5. Sassy Side Braid


To keep your hair on your neck and look classy, this hairstyle is a faultless choice. The hairstyle of sassy side braid gives you a chance to covenant with your long hair and look good. In this hairstyle, you have to timeout your hair to the side and add some volume to your look. It will make your hair look healthy from top to bottom. You can also apply balm reloading in the lower side of your hair to get rid of dry ends.

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