Long Sexy Bob Hairstyles 2016

Long sexy bob hairstyles 2016


is helping you introduce the feature of having an eccentric long bob which has proved to be very classical and an edgy cut which many might not be aware of. This year 2016 is going to help you make aware of what long bobs are how they can be attuned and classically styled so that they can give you the perfect edge to looking sassy as well as sexy.


Length of one bob hairstyle:


This first long bob hairstyle that we have chosen for you to style your hair for the year 2016 is to have a bob that is being evolving into a very stylish hairdo. This hairstyle is extremely great for those people in particular who have thinner and finer hair and wants their hair to look and appear thicker and heavy in texture as well as density.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


To have this hairstyle you must start applying a styling lotion to your hair. Make sure your hair is dam and finger comb your hair. You can at this point even use a wide tooth comb if you want. Start blow drying your hair. Take out sections from your hair with the help of fish tail comb and blow dry hair using a paddle brush. Make sure you put forth in motion your hair in a downward position. And to avoid your hair (damp hair and blow dried hair to clash) use clips to section a partition out. Apply for finesse a shine serum on your hair to ensure that your hairstyle at the end receives a perfect blend of a smooth and glossy look that will impress everyone even yourself. It can complement any kind of face shape so you won’t have to worry about worrying about what kind of face shape it may not look good on. Straight hair the better for this hairstyle. This is bound to give you a smooth look.


Bright long bob:


Adding in a bright edge to your bob hairstyle will only spark in some fun and funk to your hairstyle. This will help your curly bob (long) which is definitely going to help you look very classical.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


This hairstyle can be achieved by simple steps. All you need for this hairstyle are simple curly hair. Natural curls are the best hair texture to work with. Applying curl cream is essential after you moisturizing conditioner and free of sulphate shampoo. With the help of your finger really work your hair and scrunch your hair to mix in the product really well. Dry curls with the help of a diffuser. If you find frizz getting attached to your hair better to leave than continue. Arrange your curls that will help you frame your face and mist away with the kind of hairspray that you want. If you do not have natural curls no need to fret as you can use any kind of curling iron rod to create soft and subtle waves and curls. You must start from down and work your way up make sure that once your curls are formed and cooled off then you must proceed with the following above steps.


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