Medium Length Hairstyles Teenage For Boys 2016

Medium length hairstyles for teenage boys 2016


is going to tell all those excited boys as to how they can style their hair. We have been watching long hair to be an important part of boys in the past well long hair should move aside a bit since 2016 is about trending hair with medium length hairstyle. Medium length haircuts not only will help you look absolutely handsome and trendy but also will be easily manageable making your life a whole lot easier. There are some hairstyles which we are going to mention to you which will help you if you are going for more of a texture hairstyle or either for some volume etc. Stay tuned and enjoy knowing what kind of hairstyles will be trending for teenage boys 2016.


The first hairstyle will help you to wear an edgy kind of hairstyle so make sure to know that if you have fine hair you will have to face the wrath of your hair laying absolutely flat which we are pretty much sure you wouldn’t want that. Remember the key and soul of this hairstyle is too keeping your bangs that lay at the front texturized. This will help you achieve a very organic look. To achieve this hairstyle you must at once comb your hair downwards. Make sure that you comb your hair once you have rightly just showered. While combing makes sure that you are combing your hair towards the front portion of your head as well as around the head. It is very important that your hair should lie down flat so there is no cow lick as well as you are maintaining your hair dry downwards. Before applying any kind of appropriate hair product it is essential that your hair is air dried. For finesse look make sure you are adding a mirror like finish to your hair. Those who own round face shape well this haircut is very ideal and perfect for you to have.


Those people who own spikey hair should stay away since we are trying to keep the hair down rather than upwards. The next hairstyle that we have for you is a very versatile hairstyle. It totally is dependent upon you as to how you plan to style it. In order to keep this hairstyle you should know that portion of the hair from the center top is kept longer. This will be explained afterwards as to why you shall be needing it but know this those who are crazily admiring hawk style can now get one without cutting their hair to somewhat similar. Keeping the sides short tapered will help you look drop dead handsome we assure you. All you need to do for this hairstyle is to finger comb your hair to the front when you are out from the shower and have received the similar haircut that was just described above. With the help of strong styling past and assured that your hairs have been totally air dried make sure you rough it up a bit from the top. This will not only help you to add height but also will help you to add great immense of texture. 


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