Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs 2016

Medium length hairstyles with bangs 2016 are ultimately everything for you to have since adding bangs to your medium length hair might be the only cherry on top that you are looking for when you style your hair with the following instructions that we have sent for you. Medium length have never been so much better since the finish look is all about having either curly hair, wavy or even straight hair we will tell you exactly as to how you should be styling your hair and making it the ultimate choice for you t have in 2016 and ofcourse how can we ever forget the emphasis of bangs and the perfection of giving that of a finesse look in the end once and for all.


Some fine medium length hairstyles that ultimately will be topping the charts and giving those bangs a whole new definition.


Wispy curly bangs with a twist:


This first hairstyle is dedicated for those people who aren’t much interested in bangs but still like to cover their forehead. We have Wispy 2016 hairstyles curly bangs with a twistthe perfect hairstyle for you that will definitely help you since these bangs are going to be just over and above your eyes making it the most divine hairstyle for you to try out. Eye brow grazing bangs are exactly what you need with a nice curly long bob till your shoulders. This will in the most possible ways that we can imagine will help you highlight not only your eyes but also your cheekbones as well.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


1. To achieve this hairstyle your hair must be full on wet. This means not even damp dried hair but dripping wet hair which will make it easy for this next step.


2. Now for this next step either you can diffuse your hair and scrunch your hair till it is dried all the way or either you can just brush your hair and let it air dry. The latter point is for those people who own frizzy curly hair already and don’t need that extra punch in their hair.


3. Let your hair be completely dried so that you may follow up to the next procedure.


4. Fluff your hair a bit and that shall only be done by scrunching your hair as well as tossing your hair around this will help to add power into your hair and it will give the maximum result for afterwards.


5. Then take some argan oil and apply to the ends of your hair. This will provide a seal and a lock to your hair providing it with all the necessary nutrients to your hair making it more worthy to look stylish.


5. To finish off this hairstyle you can use any kind of gloss/hairspray so that it gives extra shine to your hair.


Additional information:
For this hairstyle you can have any kind of face cut ranging from oval, heart, oblong and even triangle face shape. Your hair shall settle through any kind of hair /face shape.


Heavy tossed side swept bangs:


This next hairstyle is the most prioritized choice for anyone who is willing to have an extra sharpness to their hairstyle. You can own Heavy tossed side swept bangs hair 2016this beautiful side swept hairstyle with bangs that can look absolutely beautiful with medium length bob. This naturally helps to contour your cheekbones and jaw which ultimately highlights your facial features even more than expected.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


1. To have this hairstyle you must take some necessary steps so that you can achieve the best tossed side swept bangs you have ever seen as well as have other people.


2. Using your favorite hair mousse apply it to your hair after you have towel dried your hair which means your hair must be damp.


3. Apply slight amount of argan oil to seal all the hair necessary nutrients in your hair.


4. For the next step you must blow dry your hair. This can easily be done with the help of a round brush.


5. Curl inwards and bend/wrap your hair around the head so that it gives maximum volume to your hair.


6. To give it more of a polish look you must flat iron your hair as well as your bangs this will help to make your hair look more of greater texture.


7. To finish of this hairstyle making sure you are satisfied with what you have use a nice hairspray that promises and guarantees you full holding capability.


Additional information:
To give your hair more of a natural shine you can use morocco oil which are highly suggested for glossy purposes as well as it help to nourish your locks making your hair more greater than ever. All hair types and face cuts are welcome to try this hairstyle out. Straight across bangs can look severe if they are cut too bluntly. To create a softer and more airy look, have your stylist texturized the ends.


Tilted bangs with medium layer haircut:


To give the most dramatic look with your medium hair length for 2016 we bring you the most suggested hairstyle for you to try on. Tilted bangs with medium layer haircuts 2016This will not only frame your face but also the light long layers will adjust your beauty into whole one proportion. 


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:


1. Apply a styling mousse to towel dried hair which is the best possible way for any hair to start off with.


2. Blow dry bangs on medium heat using a flat paddle brush that will help create that tilted look.


3. Dry rest of hair using fingers or a large flat paddle brush the choice is yours to make on this one.


4. Using a one-inch curling iron, curl ends vertically in small to medium-sized sections.


5. Scrunch in a texturizing crème well in your hair this must be only be done with the help of either a diffuser or your fingers.


6. Lightly finger comb through curls and finish the style with a medium hold hairspray.


Additional information:
Only those who own wavy hair should go forth with this hairstyle. We certainly do not recommend you people trying out with straight or even curly hair.

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