Messy Ponytail Trends 2016

Messy ponytail trends 2016


comprise elegant and stylish hairstyles that would surely make your New Year a year to remember. These hairstyles are modern and boast elements of gracefulness and charm. Get for one of these hairstyles to leave onlookers awe-inspired in 2016.


Teased brunette pony with wrap

The teased brunette pony with wrap in messy ponytail trends 2016, this hairstyle simply looks perfect for black and dark brown hair. To achieve this hairstyle first you need to Take your comb and start to brush you hair from back side which will avoid giving you flat look. Then keep your long hair to one side and make curve of all your hair to the back. After making curve then pull the curves into low pony and fasten it with hair band.


Messy and Teased Gray Pony

In Messy ponytail trends 2016 the Messy and Teased Gray Pony is amazing hairstyle. It is easy to create and gives sexy look. To style the style you have to simply tease your hair or blows dry it and put it into high up and make ponytail. Then secure the ponytail with elastic and take few parts to the hairline out. This will give you complete look.Messy and Teased Gray Pony


Curly Blonde Ponytail with Weave

The hairstyle is suitable for formal events and night parties. It works on thin hair, which gives length and thickness to your hair. This hairstyle gives you fancy look. To achieve this hairstyle first make side strands down to your ear level. Then take one strand, divide it and twist it. After you twist, then you have to bring it to the opposite side and pin with a bobby pin. Repeat it with the other side. Finish the style with making low pony.


Messy Pony for Medium Hair with Bangs

Messy Pony for Medium Hair with Bangs gives simple, natural and fresh look. You don’t need to use any styling products. You have to make rounded strips from your hair in tip top shape, this will help you to have good look.

The Half-Up Curly Look


In The Half-Up Curly Look, you have to pull half of your hair and tied them together at the back. You need to make two twisted parts of your hair in both left and right side. In this hairstyle it also rolls natural curls into mix, leave the left to flow freely at the back.


Stylish Low Pony with Bump

The Stylish Low Pony with Bump is disordered hairstyle. This hairstyle looks elegant to wear. To get this style, first style the lower half of your hair into big with the use of flat iron. Make loose curls or waves, which you want. Make the upper half of your hair straight and tease the front part of your hair then spray it with the hairspray. After then tie your hair into ponytail at the back and cover it by wide section of your hair.


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