Rocking curly bob hairstyles 2016

Rocking curly bob hairstyles 2016


is going to help us style our curly bob haircuts with confidence. There is an old myth related in particular that back in the days it was believed that people who owned curly hair had to keep longer hair because it was certainly most believed with all faith that curly hair the longer it was kept the more it had the tendency to grow out of that curly density and texture and would grow straight. Well that time is long gone and we are here to help and assist you about the styles you can rock with even if you own curly hair (with a bob haircut).


We have enlisted many various designs and styles for you to help you achieve a very stylish look for yourself so you may enjoy your curly hair and not be sick of it no more even if they are in bob haircut.


Bangs curl bob hairstyle:


The first kind of hairstyle that we would like to tell you about is by incorporating bangs in to your naturally curly hair. There is a special tip that should be known to all ladies. You must know exactly the way your hair works for you. If you have curls that are really tight then you should consider on leaving the bangs longer than usual. This way they will stay adjacent to their natural texture and you will in the end get a fabulous medium length hairstyles 2016. If you have curls that are really loose well you can alternatively use those bangs to being much more and well the styling option depends upon you (curly or straight your choice). It is very easy to style this hairstyle all you need to do is dry out your bangs with the help of blow dry. And remember to keep your bangs in which every position you like as for the rest of the hair you may diffuse them as per your choice. In the end just dab in some good texturizing cream on your hair as this hairstyle can work on all face shapes and hair density/texture.

Classical sweet curly bob hairstyle:


This next hairstyle is considered to be really to give you a very soft and feminine touch to your face and attire. Not only you get to see curls flowing by and framing your face but also this hairstyle is known to give you a very modern yet classical touch in 2016. It is important to remember that you must start by parting your hair to one side while your hair is dry. Remember to spray your hair with a holding spray before you begin on styling your hair. Take a one and one quarter inch iron rod that will help curl your hair. Take small sections of your hair and begin curling your hair. Keep all the curls direction to one point as you don’t want a tsunami in your hair. Brush out your hair so that they may loosen up and soften while everything is so tight.


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