Teen Hairstyles For Summer 2016

Teen hairstyles for summer 2016


are for you if you are a young girl and want to wear something unique and elegant. These hairstyles come with powerful elements that have been developed to make you appear at the height of your beauty.Teen Hairstyles For Summer 2016


1. Dutch braided beauty


This hairstyle is for those with long hair. The hairstyle is contented if you going out on a picnic over the summer. To get this hairstyle, create a ponytail and then use the following steps:


1. Begin by drying out your hair and then applying a hairspray

2. Now create partitions of your hair and then coil your hair’s skeleton to one side.

3. Now part your hair into three equal portions

4. Form braids by lifting your hair upwards

5. Use an elastic band to create hold in your hairstyle

2. The loop de loop


This hairstyleis perfect for you if you want to add more significance to your curly hair. This hairstyle will alter your appearance and is perfect to be born in summer functions. Get this hairstyle by following the steps listed below:

1. Make your hair wet with a hairstyling product

2. Now use a comb to spread the product across your hair

3. Make your hair dry with the help of a hairbrush

4. When your hair fully dries out, then shake your head and make it certain that the curls have shifted to the front

5. From different sections of your hair in the forward direction and then give your hairstyle some strength with bobby pins

6. Finally, apply some hairspray on your new hairstyle to create shine

3. Braided up Mohawk


This hairstyle will give you an amazing appearance, and the good news is that you can wear this hairstyle on any occasion and in any season. Moreover, the braids and waves involved in this hairstyle will make you appear highly stylish. Achieve this hairstyle through the following steps:


1. Wash your hair and use a hair conditioner

2. Use some sea salt on your hair

3. Now blow dry your hair

4. Then create different parts in your hair and make three sections out of them for the braids

5. Now begin to style your hair at the top, forming braids at the rear and moving to the middle of your head.

6. Repeat the same procedure for all three sections

7. Secure you hairstyle and raise your hair upwards, away from your shoulder and bend your hair

8. Secure your hair with some bobby pins

9. Again, raise the Mohawk and use a hairbrush to the rear so you can get the ideal height

10. Apply a hairspray to create hold and shine in your new haristyle


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