Wavy Bob Hairstyles 2016

Wavy bob hairstyles 2016


are about falling in love with your hair that not only has texture but also movement as well. So the main question that everybody wants to know is who really does not love to have wavy bob hair that can be styled into almost so many hairstyles that you can only begin to image. It is time that you catch your tools ladies because it is time to pimp that wavy hair with some products that sure know what they doing on your hair and take this joyous ride on this article knowing what kind of tips you need to style your wavy hair.


Wavy bob hairstyles 2016

So beginning with the first hairstyle this is a version of tendrils being twisted and making a very soft look for your bob hair. Making sure that you have a chine length wavy hair bob we are going to make your hair look absolutely fantastic. All you need is to apply in hair product throughout your hair. The next step is to partition your hair one side and blow dries your hair so you get instant lift in your hair. Use your fingers which are the best source for your hair to get more volume than using a roll brush. Now the next step is to take small portions of your hair picking up vertically and curl your hair. Make sure the direction is always away from your face because we do not want to frame your face with curls. You must seriously begin considering to start from one side and work your way to the other. The ones that must definitely try out this hairstyle are the ones that have heart shaped face and oval shaped face.


Wavy bob hairstyles 2016.

Moving onto the next series of hairstyle that we will be discussing is inspired from Anne Hathaway who was inspired us to tell you how to rock a wavy bob hairstyle that not only glistens but also each wave and curl is defined and proportioned. All you have to do is apply a nice hair product styling cream in your hair. Make sure all the product is evenly spread out in your hair. To get lift from the roots you must make sure that you are blow drying your hair. You must make sure that you use a different direction when you start curling your hair which the iron barrel has been preheated already. You really want a scrunched effect in your hair to make that possible you must apply a bit of pomade in your hair. Make sure you are scrunching it well in your hair and gently make sure that you are spraying a hairspray in hair so that your curls hold their position. Apply any kind of smoothening enriching cream in your hair before you think of blow drying your hair. This will add in a very smooth texture to your hair which you want. The kind of face shape that is going to help in this hairstyle Is oval face shape, square face shape, round face shape and diamond face shape.


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