Braiding Hairstyles

Braiding hairstyles are by far easiest hairstyles available. Braids are known to be hairstyles that provide us an easy way to style our hair giving some rest to hair and protecting it from the environmental factors that tend to destroy the hair. These are some simple hairstyles that will help you attract the attention of people and win some praise. These hairstyles have a lot of room for creativity. Just wear your creativity cap and come up with some amazing styles adding personalized touch to the braids. There are a lot of different braiding techniques available that never let you get bored. You can always experiment with the braids making them more beautiful and attractive by using some colors and colorful clips and hair accessories. Braids are considered to be some beautiful hairstyles for the summers providing many beautiful variations.


These hairstyles are some charming hairstyles that are considered to be fashion statement and suit almost everyone. Mostly these braids look cute on young kids highlighting their faces as the hair is swept back. There are many different variations in braids which make these styles rage among many women. Only little effort is required to make these styles look more beautiful.


Braiding hairstyles look beautiful on kids. In this article we will discuss these hairstyles in perspective of the kids. Kids are mostly impatient and can’t sit still at one place for a long time. Keeping in view this fact we would suggest that you should choose braid hairstyles that take minimum amount of time to achieve. You should select the styles that are in the vogue as kids these days want to look trendy and classy.


Classic braid is known as the most common form of the braid. This braid looks good on kids having long or medium length hair 2014. This is a braid in which hair is divided in three strands also known as 3 strand braids. You can create either 1 braid or even 2 braids using the same method of braiding. Be inventive and create something unique using the basic braiding style. You can enhance the style by decorating the braids with beads, glitter, ribbons or even some clips.


Another option available is smoothly woven braids or the French braids. These are created close the scalp area. You can create either 1 or 2 French braids same as the classic braid. Both braids can also be tied together to create a beautiful style. One more style to try is called Dutch braid. It is the inside out form of the French braid. The strands are under the braid with the braid sitting on the top.

Twisted braids are loved by many as it is the easiest braid to master and only requires two strands of the hair. These braids can go good for around 2 or even 4 weeks.


You can create Quirky Cornrows which are beautiful African hairstyles. These styles look beautiful but require lot of time and effort. These braids are attached to scalp in form of rows. You can also create Mini braids which can last for some weeks but care is required otherwise these can damage the hair.

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