Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston hairstyles were the rage of the 90’s. The bob once again came to the fashion front with its new dimensions and variations during the airing of the show Friends during the late 90’s. This hairstyle was back in trend more forcefully than ever before leaving behind all the other hairstyles thanks to Jennifer Aniston. We are sure she must have been unaware of the forceful hairstyle she was carrying until it became a complete hit. Becoming a true example of the fact that hairstyle can make or break anyone. The power of the forceful hairstyle was once again revealed making Jennifer touch the heights of success. There were many women flocking to their hairstylists for getting the Rachel hairstyle done. This trend was followed religiously for many years before falling out of fashion like the other fashion trends. This hairstyle has been making a comeback after every few years.


Around 2 decades have passed but world is still very much talking about Jennifer Aniston and her Rachel style. Jennifer has been sporting different haircuts over the years now as she has moved on with her relationship with Brad Pitt and her friend’s days. She has moved on with life but her Friends hairstyle is still the talk of the town. Since then around 11 million women around the world have tried her hairstyles. Even after 15 years this is the most frequently requested hairstyle of all time. Some things just never go out of fashion.


Jennifer Aniston hairstyles have many different variations and can be cut in different hair lengths. You can achieve 2 layers instead of 3 if you have short hair length. The length of layers can be further adjusted to balance hair volume for creating a soft Rachel style. One important feature of this haircut is the texturing created by using a razor. Some other factors that define is haircut are the bangs which are rounded and long in length straightened for creating uniform, neat and smooth texture. This is a haircut for smooth and fine hair not coarse or curly hair. This haircut should be implemented by an expert hairstylist that too by very carefully planning the layers which will suit your face. Regular maintenance is required in order to maintain this style.

All of us have great respect and love for this woman called Rachel as she has revolutionized the world of hairstyles forever with her popular hairstyle. She has beautiful hair for which most women envy her. She has sported many different hairstyles throughout the years from waves, some blonde looks, choppy bobs she has experienced it all. She is a fashion icon who has attracted the attention of people all around the world. Bob hairstyles 2014 were brought back in fashion by this ever green actress. How many of you have tried this hairstyle? If you have not tried it yet it’s never too late.

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