Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles 2015

Jennifer Lawrence hairstyles 2015 are about getting new haircuts and new hair colors. Time passes on and with each New Year these celebrities know how to stay trendy and modish as well as Jennifer. This year while outgrowing her short hair that has been appreciated by her fans to cut off her longs she will be reintroducing her Katniss approved summery braid that would be ideal to wear in summer. For this hairstyle your must straight blows dry your hair and if you can’t ask someone to do it for you. Add a texturizing mousse to texturize your hair if you don’t have the Jennifer a like texture.


The next step is to make a side swept braid and by this you must start from behind one year and plait it in such a way that it drapes over your shoulder. It would be ideal if you have glazing color fringes on your forehead. But if not you can leave a few strands of hair around the side of your face. Another Jennifer inspired hairstyle for long hair that will be in for 2015 will be her recreational flirty fun ponytail that is a slightly undone version of the pony. Damp your hair with a volumizing mousse and blow dry out with a round brush. When you have reached your hair that are almost dry, switch to cool and lock your hair into waves, after that without a wasting a second grab your hair into a ponytail to the crown of your head. This will add texture to your hair. Secure bobby pins if you want to wrap your strand of hair around the elastic band.


Jennifer Lawrence hairstyles 2015 also include hairstyles from pixie and bob since she still has short hair and it might take time to grow her full length locks that she once had. For ladies who have a pixie haircut, Jennifer is one lady you should just follow her hairstyles since beauty oozed out of her when she had her pixie haircut. You can add a smoky eye shade to your eye for a formal even and add soft color when it’s a casual day out with your girls. Glossy lips will just touch the finale of your look. Even though you have short hair Jennifer made a worth example of her glamorous up do by sweeping her hair into a traditional classic chignon.


To add that classical look she was opting for she let her strands of her hair sway along. Those bedazzling earrings complimented her look very well. You can spice your short hair with a layered haircut because that’s what we are expecting Jennifer to do in 2015. In addition to this hairstyle kohl rimmed eyes will help you highlight your hair with that choppy layered crop that will define your face cut especially your jaw line.


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