Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles 2015

Jennifer Lopez hairstyles 2015 are about keeping your hair straight and open. Her signature bun has been admired by many but the act of carrying a simple bun with such sophistication is only seen by her. Jennifer although Latin has made herself recognizable amongst the world and she is our favorite to talk about. She loves and takes care of her hair like no other and for that she even became a brand ambassador of “Everpure Hair Care” that lies beneath the Loreal Beauty Products. Beginning with her hairstyles she is not considered to be adventurous at all and we doubt that 2015 won’t be much of a hair changer for us to see.


When she walked with a short bob the style suited her perfectly to us but many haven’t liked her much and we never saw much drastic changed of her hair recently. Her short layers and a small fringe did make her look out of this world but for unfortunately many wanted to see her golden locks back. For ladies wanting a difference in 2015 Jennifer will be showing and swaying her locks by a blow dry that was accompanied by large styling brush. It’s important that your roots must be lift to add a richer texture as well as volume. We advise you to go forth with some warm highlights. This hairstyle is recommended for those who have a round shape.


Jennifer Lopez hairstyle 2015 hasn't forgotten her chick topknot that has been rewarded with a polish look. For this hairstyle your must wet your hair that its about damp enough and you can get that by a spray bottle, no need to over soak your hair. Pull your hair into a ponytail that is high. Dividing your ponytail into three partitions wrap each section of that ponytail clearly near the base of your high ponytail to give it more flow. To give it a rough bun knot adds high shine spray to it. For the next hairstyle that Jennifer would wear in 2015 is the old school chignon.


To have this hairstyle part your hair from the middle and then tease as much as you can from the crown until you see a mess of your hair. To smoothen out use a soft bristle brush that can create a high and controlled volume of your hair. The remaining hair will be tied up into a low bun and secured with bobby pins. Jennifer hasn't been all about buns, she has told us that she can look better in curls as much as she does in buns, straight hair, ponytail and etc. since 2015 is all about blending all hairstyles onto one platform.

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