Jessica Alba Hairstyles 2014

Jessica Alba has all types of hairstyles from long to short hairstyles which look perfect on her. Jessica Alba is always in limelight because of the beautiful hairstyles she opts for every events. Here are some of Jessica Alba hairstyles which you all will love to try on yourself.


Jessica looks gorgeous even in the simplest hairstyle. The up do hairstyle has always suited her face structure. The messy up do hairstyle she wears is one of the stylish hairstyles and she looks elegant in it. She wore the messy hair up do for one of the red carpet and she styled her hairstyle into a bun.


The fringes on her straight sleek hair enhance her facial features. Her beautiful eyes are never hidden by the fringes and are skimmed just above her eyes. The fringes also look beautiful on the wavy long hair. Braids look beautiful on every hair and if it is Jessica’s shiny hair it is just perfect. The French braid with the centre part and the plaits on her hair pinned together is looking good on her. The double braids around the head gave her another beautiful look. Jessica Alba’s long hair with the curls gives her hair a good volume and bounce. The long hair when side parted with the wavy look gave her an outstanding appearance. The bouffant hairstyle which gives a clear view of the glowing face also looks gorgeous on Jessica Alba. The bouffant enhanced her beautiful facial featured. Her blunt bangs with the beautiful makeup gave her an eye catching look in one of the award ceremony.


Short hair is also one of the hairstyles which look good on women of all ages. Short pixie hairstyles 2014 are one of the popular hairstyles of Jessica Alba. She is looking cool in the short hair and she has styled it in different ways in different pictures. The messy short hair and the short blow dried are looking cool on her. The cropped bob styled in different ways looks great on her. She had a blonde cropped bob and a curly bob and all of them look good on her. She looks outstanding in every short hairstyle whether it is the messy hairdo or the sharp spikes she carries and manages them in a trendy way.


The medium length hair of Jessica Alba straightened looks so nice on her and it compliments her beautiful outfit. The curls and frizzy hairstyles look trendy on her medium length and give her a feminine cute look. She looks sexy in the wavy hairstyle when half-up and half-down.


So Jessica Alba hairstyles 2014 have been in fashion although she is not a fashion diva but her dressings and hairstyles have always been the centre of attraction for many people at different events. She can carry any hairstyle whether it is short hairstyles or long hairstyles so boldly that everybody gets attracted towards her.

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