Kim Kardashian Hairstyles 2014

Kim Kardashian is one of the fashionable and stylish reality actor, who is popular for her different hairstyles. Kim Kardashian has long beautiful hair which she styles in different ways and sets a trend for others. There are different types of hairstyles that Kim Kardashian has been changing for different events and occasions. We will discuss some of the top hairstyles 2014 of Kim Kardashian and you will like it.


The side parting curls is one of the hairstyle that gives her hair a beautiful look. It perfectly goes with her personality and enhances her beautiful features. Kim Kardashain long, straight, sleek hairstyle with the fringes gave her a unique look. The long sleek hair is cut into fringes which don’t hide her beautiful eyes and she is looking gorgeous in it. Braids are always in fashion and Kim Kardashian braid fishtail looks perfect on her. The beautiful thick hair braided in the fishtail give her hair a new and trendy look. When it comes to give volume to the hair Kim Kardashian traditional curls is the perfect hairstyle she opts and it gives volume to her downy hair.


Kim Kardashain’s messy hair with the centre parted is a classy hairstyle and is one of the most popular hairstyle among her hairstyles. This hairstyle not only compliments her personality but also gives her a sexy look. The traditional bun is a hairstyle which gives a feminine look and is mostly adopted by women above 40. The bun worn by Kim is so classy and her hair looks so good in it. The way she carried the flower curl on one of the movie premier, no one else can carry it so nicely and that is the reason she always look outstanding in every event.


People think a plait doesn’t always look good and is not so popular among girls but by looking at the picture of Kim Kardashian plaits looks gorgeous on her. She looks so fresh and cool in the plait hairstyle that anyone can wear it and look stylish. The bouffant hairstyle is one of the formal hairstyles 2014 of Kim Kardashian working women can adopt and stay in fashion. The bang hairstyles of Kim Kardashian has always been popular, the hair is cut in bangs from the sides which gives the hair a glamorous look.


Kim Kardashian new blonde hairstyle is in news nowadays in which she looks just perfect. After becoming a mom she turned her hair blonde and she looks beautiful in it. Kim Kardashian is very good in experimenting with her hair, she wear every hairstyle nicely and perfectly. She is the only actress who looks beautiful in every hairstyle she opts and all of them suit her. Even in the simplest hairstyle she looks so cute and elegant and that is the reason why her fans are crazy about her.

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