Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham hairstyles 2014 are the most stylish and sophisticated one should love to try on. Victoria Beckham, the wife of famous English footballer David Beckham is one of the fashion divas known for her stylish and trendy hairstyles. Like her husband, Victoria Beckham is also a super star people have been following because of her different hairstyles.


Victoria Beckham is mostly spot in the short hairstyles which she styles in different ways according to her bold personality. Short hair suits her facial features and enhances her look. The short edgy hair looks perfect on her and gives her a younger look. The bob medium length haircut is one of the famous hairstyles of Victoria Beckham. The hair is cut short in the back and is a little longer by the sides. She is seen with the different styles of bob haircuts. The posh bob haircut is one of Victoria Beckham’s famous hairstyles. The angle bob haircut is seen on Victoria Beckham giving her another astonishing look. The pixie cut she choose for her short hair is the best and cute hairstyles of Victoria Beckham. She spiked up her short pixie haircut and looked sexy in it.


Long hairstyles are also the hairstyles of Victoria Beckham, she has a beautiful long shinny hair and she is seen mostly wearing the down do hairstyles. The wavy long hair gave her hair extra volume and bounce and she looked alluring in it. The straight sleek hair also adds beauty to her look and gives her a feminine look. Victoria Beckham is also seen with the high ponytails which are simple hairstyles but she looks chic in it. The straight sleek ponytail gave her an amazing look, where ponytails are considered to be for a casual occasion. Ponytails are simple and don’t need much time for styling, but it can give a sophisticated look like the ones Victoria Beckham has been wearing. Braids are always in fashion and it is a versatile hairstyle, so how can Victoria Beckham not try them. Victoria Beckham is seen with a traditional braided hairstyle which gives her glamorous look. Updo hairstyles 2014 are also one of the popular hairstyles for formal occasions; Victoria is also seen with the updo hairstyles on formal events. The bun she wore for an event gave her a glittering look. She loved to make loose curls and textures to her long shinny hair. Her silky and smooth hair looked stylish when she twisted them on top of her head make a crown which looked perfect on her.


Victoria Beckham known as the world’s most glamorous celebrity is never afraid of wearing different hairstyles. She is bold enough to crop her hair when she gets bored of her long hair and gives herself a totally new look. The hairstyle Victoria wears highlights her sharp facial features suits her face shape.

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