Bald Fade Haircut

Bald fade haircuts are the coolest haircuts for men as well as for women and it is never out of fashion. Men have preferred this haircut for decades and it is back in style. It is simple and needs less maintenance. People don’t need to visit expensive salons or hairstylists they can simply do it at home. Man, who are active and have no time for different hairstyles, can adopt the bald fade hairstyles as it is the easiest hairstyle and looks great on them. Mostly men prefer bald fade haircuts who want their hair to be extra short and it also gives them a masculine look. The bald fade haircut is becoming popular among the celebrities who look trendy and cool in this haircut.


In bald fade haircut the hair is cut short by the sides and back and is left a little longer on the front of the head. The hair by the sides of the head is cut as short as possible but is not shaved with a clipper or razor. Electric clipper is mostly used in mostly used in cutting the hair bald fade.


The hair is faded but not fully bladed and is sometimes referred as the military haircut. The bald fade hairstyles have been popular among the military, the movie stars, the sports men and the music guys. Those men who can’t manage their thick hair or are tired of styling their hair can definitely try the bald fade haircut as it is the simplest haircut and looks trendy and stylish on every man. One of the greatest advantages of bald fade haircut is that it doesn’t even need to comb the hair and is very economical.


Mostly the black men are seen in the bald fade haircuts 2014 and all of them look very charming and alluring in the haircut. Black men have thick hair so the bald hair cut is perfect for them. Will Smith always has the bald fade haircut and look very charming in the hairstyle. The hip hop singers always go for the bald fade haircuts as it suits their personality and style. Many of the female celebrities are also seen in the bald fade haircut and it looks really good on them. It is daring thing for the females to cut their hair bald fade as mostly female prefer long hair and it is believed to be one of their identity. But still they all look beautiful in the bald fade haircut and it shows their boldness.


Bald fade haircut is most popular in the summer when the temperature rises and it gets difficult to keep yourself cool and it also gives you a fresh look in the summer. So if you are bored of the long hair go for the bald fade haircut, its hot.

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