Bun Hairstyles

Bun hairstyles are no doubt universal hairstyles. When we talk about hairstyles it can be easy stated with confidence that there are only few hairstyles that can be called universal as well as timeless as bun styles. Bun hairstyles remain as one of quick and easy ways to tackle the unruly out of control hair. Buns can be achieved if you are looking for some elegant timeless and tasteful styles for an important night out with friends or looking for a friendly hairstyle for work that saves times and effort at the same time.


Even if you love the simple twisted version you can always give standard bun some deserved makeover in order to create a new, fresh and fashionable version of the bun. You just need to focus and bring your creativity out for creating a new fresh form of bun. We can easily say that from braided bun to the beautiful embellished bun the new versions of the classic bun give fresh face to old and elegant bun that has been faithful style until now. All you have to do is just grab your pins and hair spray just get to work for achieving a great new look.


Bun hairstyles provide lot of styling options that can be achieved at home. If you want to achieve some quick and easy to achieve hairstyle which looks elegant and classy at the same time then no need to think hard just say hello the classic bun which is the right solution to all your styling problems. You can achieve this style in only a few minutes thus saving time and creating a classic and timeless hairstyle that will give you a memorable look. The fact that makes the bun a great style is that it is just perfect for most of the occasions, any hair and hair texture thus making it a universally suited style.


One type of beautiful and easy bun which you can try is known as sleek top knot. This style is achieved by pulling the hair back thus creating polished and high bun. This hairstyle has achieved lot of popularity among the fashion circles and the common women as well thanks to the fashion runways and celebrities. Some big celebrities have been putting their own unique touch to this beautiful style thus making it more elegant.


This style can be easily created at home by simply brushing hair and making a high ponytail after removing the bumps in hair simply secure the style with elastic band. Twist length and just wrap to form bun shape. Secure it with pins to keep the shape of the style intact. Finish of the hair style by using some serum for any stray hair. Serum provides a polished look to the hairstyle. Another easy bun style that can be achieved at home is the bun with bangs. This look is cute and elegant at the same time and is worn by many celebrity icons these days.

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