Color Blocking in Hairstyles

Carrying a hairstyle in its simple plain look seems to be an outdated approach in the contemporary fashion stream which demands as much uniqueness and charm as possible. The Color blocking trend tends to satiate that very need of catchy outlooks in hairstyles which are the instant attention drawers in gatherings. The numerous color techniques have rendered diversity to hairstyles; giving them something extra to flaunt about with grace and confidence. This trend has received great popularity in the latest stock of new hairstyles; effortlessly giving a stunning look to your most precious physical asset when it comes to beauty and its presentation.


The Color blocking technique is however, not to be mixed up with streaking or dip-dying as all three have a certain criteria of color application that simmers up varied looks and differentiates one from the other. The Color blocking is merely highlight through paneling of color on just a portion of the hair which may be the bangs, tips, certain blocked patches throughout the head etc. to have a dynamic and thrilling experience of the trend the use of vibrant rich shades tends to be the best options for the fun loving and young ones; while natural tones and contrasting shades of the same color are the choices for the mature men and women. Hairstyles such as the medium asymmetrical cuts, short bobs, hairstyles with bangs and fringes, choppy cuts and sleek hairstyles are the best carriers of the trend.


Color blocking tends to cast maximum results when used on sleek textured hair for a double dose of charm by foremost providing extra shine and richness through the sleek look and then a more apparent depth throughout the head on the applied portions , making the technique more conspicuous and worth the envy. Color blocking is one of the hottest trends in the summer hairstyles as it offers a fresh and definitely changed look to the face and hair.

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