Cornrow Hairstyles

Cornrow hairstyles are known as traditional African Hairstyles that have been practiced by African people for many years. These hairstyles have a long history and cultural important attached to them. There rich history makes these styles more desirable. In these hairstyles braids, canerows or rows are created. In the cornrow the braids are created close to the scalp region. A raised row is made using the underhand and continuous upward movement. These braids are created in either straight rows as the name implies or even in some complex geometric shapes. These styles help to bring out the creativity of the stylist. It won’t be wrong to say that these are some creative styles. These styles can be maintained for some weeks if the hair is carefully washed and regularly oiled. These styles are popular among women and men alike. The cornrows can also be decorated using some beads or in some regions of the world by using shells as well.


These styles have been constantly evolving with the time as the stylists around the world are constantly adding their creativity and adding their own flavors to the cornrows depending on the cultural influences according to the region of the world they belong to. It can be easily stated that the styles that were initiated in Africa are now universal hairstyles. You can get many different looks using the cornrow styles as these styles have many varied looks which can be created anytime you want something new.


These are some popular styles that have been ruling the hearts of men and women. The cornrow stylists are like the creative artists eagerly trying to create their masterpiece. These styles require lot of creativity and personalized look. Every hairstylist has a different way of creating the cornrows. Inspiration for these styles can be achieved by anyone or even anything. Many people who are looking for some new styles often go for these styles. You can try different ideas and express yourself through your hair. Cornrow is not just a hairstyle it is a way of expressing yourself.


You can always add the cornrows to the dreads. This trend is gaining popularity. The front part of the dread is sometimes braided. The braided cornrows are braided half way and then it is tied with some band. Sometimes the front hair is cornrowed whereas the rest of the hair is either tied in a ponytail or in a single braid. These hair styles are popular among the celebrities and singers who have their own cornrow hairstylists.


Cornrow hairstyles last for a long time thus saving time and effort. The cornrows created from synthetic hair last longer than the ones created out of natural hair. You can get the corn row styles of your choice done from your stylist. These styles are a good way of expressing yourself. So if you want to express yourself better than what better way than by your hairstyle.

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